Closet Goals: How to Organize and Design

November 23, 2021

When setting your closet goals you must think of a few essential aspects. Firstly, do you have many clothes that you need to store? Also, is the closet shared? If you are blessed enough to have a walk in closet then it might be a bit easier.

Closet Goals: Setting Your Design Intentions

There are many options when it comes to customizing your closet to meet your needs. Most standard closets do not utilize the space efficiently. Furthermore, custom options can be expensive.

Buying a shelve system online is very doable. You will need to first measure the depth, width and height of your closet space. This will help you narrow down the specific options for your space.

Additionally, you must think about what type of clothing you have. Optimally you want a variety of shelving sizes to suit your diverse wardrobe. Having a section with a tall space is great for dresses. If you have more shirts and short then an option for stacked hanger bar rods would be ideal.

closet goals

Furthermore, you must consider storing your shoes. There are a few storage techniques for shoes in a closet. Firstly, you can purchase a shoe storage rack that hangs from the closet door. Secondly, you can purchase a shoe rack that sits on the floor of your closet. Thirdly, you can purchase a foldable shoe storage unit that hangs directly on the closet rod.

Utilizing the upper space of your closet is the key to get the most of your space. This shelve space is great for out of season clothing. It can also be a great place to store tour hats and scarves.

closet goals

Overall, setting you closet goals is essential before taking on the task of organizing your closet space. In this guide we discussed the types of storage techniques you can consider and maximizing your closet space.

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