Construction Project Management: Six Keys to Success

November 12, 2021

In the construction industry, the successful completion of a project centers on skillful management approaches. Conversely, following mediocre practices may lead to project delays, which, in turn, will increase labor costs. Not only this, but outdated practices may also result in low-profit margin and hamper the relationships with contractors and subcontractors.

While a construction manager's dream is to always see a project succeed; however, it is also intimidating. Completing a project on time while being on a budget, and at the same time, earning profit for your firm and stakeholders is never a simple feat. It requires strategic planning, thorough monitoring, and effective collaboration among the team members.

While the advent of a slew of construction management tools has streamlined the process, purchasing these job management solutions is never enough. Instead, project managers should know how to cash in on these construction management platforms fully. Also, to ensure everything goes without any hiccups, everyone – contractors, suppliers, and architects should stay at the top of their game.

The following is the rundown of the construction management practices that will not only elevate your project up a notch. It will also keep your head and shoulders above those who don't comply with a particular framework.

  1. Leverage construction management solutions

Today, in this productivity-focused industry, manual construction processes have now been replaced by automated solutions. And thus, this leads to an influx of data and communication. One such modern, powerful yet user-friendly software is Primavera. It allows you to gain complete control over projects, perform what-if analysis and assess alternatives. On the other hand, Primavera scheduling is required to estimate the whole project length and activity timeline.

Therefore, if you have acquired a construction project but are facing challenges with scheduling, then Primavera Schedules by HSE is worth a shot. The experts identify the crucial path for your project. Not only this, but the experts can also forecast the possible start and end dates and predict any potential issues that may arise as the project progresses.

2. Ensure proper documentation

It's requisite to have proper documentation in place from the onset of the project. Since the stakeholders need to sign the documents; therefore, update them regularly and add milestones as soon as you achieve them.

You might have come up with the best-laid project management plan. However, things may go awry at any moment, and it's not always possible for your project to end on time and within the given budget. Thus, it's crucial to have documents prepared for the involved stakeholder to accommodate unanticipated events and propose solutions in such circumstances. That way, you can avoid conflicts, impediments in the project, and legal issues.

Moreover, don't discard your contract document and save it just for the rainy day. Instead, try to read it thoroughly even before the project begins. That way, you can ensure that everyone follows their obligations.

3. Make communication a priority

For successful construction project management, effective communication is of paramount importance. Good communication between the workers enhances teamwork, and this ultimately yields better and more productive outcomes. In contrast, lack of communication may lead to misunderstandings, project delays, and conflicts over the long haul.

Therefore, it's always better to decide the modes of communication for various tasks and information sharing during the initial stage of the project. All the project drawings, specifications, requests for information, and progress reports build the institution for effective communication.

One best approach to establish a flow of communication is to make use of the work execution platform. That way, you can merge all the essential photos, documents, calendars in a single place. Also, it will be easier for you to stay abreast with the project progress and monitor the budget. The more people communicate and collaborate effectively, the more probability of completing the project on the given timeline.

4. Hire the right people

Once you have settled on every detail of your project, now is the time to gather an effective project team. The construction team generally encompasses builders, architects, engineering professionals, and technical support specialists.

Hence, first, figure out the strong suits and weaknesses of every professional. Next, assign responsibilities to team members according to their skillset, expertise, talent, and knowledge. And ensure to relay the job roles and the deliverables in a clear-cut manner. That way, you can dedicate the better part of your day to other critical aspects of the construction project.

In addition, the project leader plays a critical role in the construction project. So, make sure to choose the one that acts as a mentor and render assistance at every stage. And also provide a positive work environment for team members.

5. Keep tabs on the progress

It may seem that the overriding objective of construction management is to end the project on time and within the defined budget. However, even if the project is going without any hitches, it's crucial to re-evaluate the techniques. Chances are, you might figure out better ways to execute the project or tackle any problem that may be on the verge. Or perhaps you may find any potential design errors.

Also, there are times when a series of minor issues can impact more significantly than a serious problem. Therefore, it's prudent to keep an eye on the progress and always ask for feedback from involved parties to enhance the workflow.

6. Control the expenses

Every project requires a solid and realistic budget in place. However, when it comes to the construction industry, one faced with unique challenges, it becomes even more crucial to formulate a firm budget. You can ask for inputs from architects and engineers to help you design the budget plan.

Also, from the bidding stage to the closeout, it's your responsibility to keep track of all expenses. Try to fully understand the costs of materials, equipment, processes, and people. Instead of assigning this task to the design team, you should calculate the cost estimates of contractors and suppliers. That way, you can avoid budget overspending.

And while the accounting department deals with the contractor's invoices, you may still need to assist them in recording all direct and indirect costs.

Final Words

It is relevant to note that so many more factors are involved in construction project management than what meets the eye. Therefore, failure to embrace above mentioned tips will not only spell financial repercussions. It can also lead to severe catastrophes.

If you wish to increase the success rates of construction project management, then ensure to document every work and keep the stakeholders in the loop. Also, it's imperative to encourage effective communication with team members to breed positive results. Be on the forefront and precisely communicate the 'what,' 'why,' and 'when' of the project.

These construction project management tips, indubitably, can pave the way for success. But, remember, development is an ongoing process. Therefore, as long as you make headway with the project, try to be patient with yourself and the crew members.


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