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Declutter Before Your Move: 3 Complete Tips to Lighten Your Load



Moving can be a stressful experience, especially when you have to move lots of stuff. So many logistics can be challenging to move. When you hire a moving company, they can help you move smoothly, but they’ll charge more if you haven’t lightened your load.

In this article, we’ll discuss why it is important to Declutter and tips for Decluttering. So, let’s start.

Why Should You Need to Declutter Before Your Move?

Moving too much stuff doesn’t only mean that you’ll only have to pack and stack them, but you’ll also have to pay extra money for transporting them. Moreover, you need to manage, organize, and clean them as well. Before starting the packing process, declutter your items so that you can reduce the work burden.

Moving is the best time to get rid of items that are no longer needed. It will not be easy to decide what to purge and what to take with you to your new home. When you carry a few passions, you can enjoy multiple benefits. Some of the benefits of Decluttering are given below:

  • Save Money

When you declutter, you’ll have to move fewer possessions. It means you can save money. You need fewer moving supplies and equipment. More importantly, the movers will also charge less. Decluttering can’t only help you save money, but it can help you make some money by selling items that are in good condition.

  • Clean Less

When you decide to move, you want to move as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your new place. But it won’t be possible if you have too many households to move to your new home. On the other hand, when you transport only essential items, you’ll have to spend less time on cleaning items, and you can spend this time exploring your new city and neighborhood.

  • Gives You Freedom

When you have to move too many items, it can make you feel sick. But when you declutter your items and need to move only a few things, it makes you feel easy and gives you freedom.

3 Complete Tips to Lighten Your Load

Now, you understand why it is important to declutter your belongings. Let’s discuss how to do it professionally.

  1. Plan at Least Two Weeks Before Your Moving Day

When you decide what to pack and what to leave, you need to decide early. By doing this, you can give yourself some time. When you leave it to a day before your move, you make wrong decisions. You might throw too much away. The best approach is to set realistic goals and spare a few hours daily. If you have a measurement of your new home, you can pack and move items accordingly.

2. Keep Items in Four Piles

Before you Declutter your items, ensure that you have plenty of trash bags. When creating these piles, label them. You need to separate items into the four piles such as:

  • Keep

If you want to keep items as it is or want to make changes to them in the future, you need to ask yourself a few questions. When did I use that item last time? Do I need to pack this item and take it to my new home? How much will it cost me to move those items?

As mentioned earlier, be realistic because it’s not a good approach to keep your broken and outdated wall clock in your bag for repair.

  • Sell

Many people like this option because it not only lightens the load but also gives them some money. It’s not necessary to advertise your items for selling. You can sell them online or host a garage sale.

For selling items on online marketplaces, you need to have a good camera for taking quality pictures. But whatever option you choose, ensure that you do it at least 10 days before your move. It will take time to sell your items.

  • Donate

If you feel that you didn’t use some items for more than a year, but they’re worth donating and bring a smile to someone’s face, then it’s surely a win-win situation. Ensure that the items you want to donate are in good condition.

  • Trash

After compiling the above three piles, the items that will be leftover will be considered as trash. For example, things that are not repairable or can’t be reused should be kept in a trash bag.

3. Go Room By Room

It’s the best practice and can help you declutter your items quickly. Now, you understand the concept of four piles. Start with heavy stuff and see what you want to keep, donate, sell, or put in the trash. Before making any decision, keep the space and layout of your new place in mind. Now, start Decluttering room by room, and at the end, you’ll only have fewer items to move.

So, by following these three tips, you can lighten your load and save money.


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