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Easy Ways to Prepare Vape Juice with Household Items


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Making your vape juice can be fun and exciting, and it’ll help save you money. However, is it possible to make it out of household items? The answer is yes! Using some household items, especially things that we use in the kitchen, such as glycerin, water from your tap, cocoa powder, coffee, and many other kitchen ingredients. You may have ideas for never before tried vape juices, and if this is the case, you have to learn the fine art of making the best e-liquid. Follow this guide below and learn the easy steps to prepare vape juice using household items.


What Ingredients Are Needed To Make The E-Liquid?

You need five ingredients to make your e-liquid: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin (VG), diluted nicotine, vodka or distilled water, and an e-juice flavor extract. However, you may choose to leave the nicotine and vodka out during your preparation. Most individuals don’t have propylene glycol lying around their homes; therefore, you can substitute this by mixing glycerin and water in your ingredients. This ensures you still have the smooth-tasting e-liquid. In many households, glycerin is used in baking when making icing, so it’s readily available. In addition to that, glycerin is the vape juice base ingredient responsible for vapor production when you heat your e-liquid. However, ensure the glycerin you use is food graded and does not contain additives. It also should not be the one used for cosmetic purposes.

What Are The Items To Use In Mixing The Ingredients?

  1. A plastic bottle with a childproof cap-Always uses a clean bottle when mixing because if you use a dirty one, it’ll ruin the flavors of the juice because of the residues in the dirty bottle. Therefore get a cheap fresh bottle that is equally easy to clean.
  2. Syringes-This, ensures you get accurate measurements, so get several syringes for each ingredient. Syringes are of great assistance, mainly if you use bottles with small openings.
  3. Tissue paper –You use this to wipe off any excess liquid that might spill.
  4. Pair of gloves-Use quality and powder-free gloves when mixing the ingredients. This is because some elements may spill that are harmful when absorbed into the body, more so if you’re using nicotine.
  5. Goggles-If you plan on making the e-liquid frequently, then you need a face shield or goggles. These protect your eyes from highly concentrated nicotine as it’s dangerous if it gets into contact with them. However, if you’re planning to include it in your e-liquid for use in your disposable vape devices.


What Are The Steps In Making The E-Liquid?

Prepare the neutral base liquid for your vape juice from water and glycerin

Mix water and glycerin in a clean dish with 80% glycerin to 20% water. If you have propylene at home, mix to a ratio of 70%PG to 20% glycerin and 10% water.

Prepare nicotine

If you have nicotine and want to add it to the base mixture, ensure you understand the volume of nicotine required. Ensure you use the strength in milligrams and the amount of the e-juice to know the required amount of nicotine. An online e-juice calculator can facilitate this to make it easy. If you want to make an e-liquid without nicotine, choose a nicotine-free base of your preference and add flavor to your recipe.

Prepare flavors


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This is a very crucial step as it determines the taste of your e-juice hence requires your maximum concentration. Use one flavor or combine several flavors according to your preference. If you’re a beginner, start with one or two flavors, then progress gradually as you gain experience.

Mix the blend

When you have the blends ready, mix everything in a bottle, and then shake it well. Remember to shake it intensely to get a uniform mixture and for the ingredients to mix properly.


Steeping is a personal preference, and you may do it or not; however, it ensures that you get quality vape juice. Steeping is the process of leaving your prepared e-juice to sit for some time in a cool dark place. There is no pre-defined period for it to sit; it all depends on an individual’s preference. In addition, remember to keep shaking the components as some may settle at the bottom. Another way of steeping is by using a coffee mug warmer or a slow cooker. For this method, be keen to check on the water level constantly. After steeping, the color of the juice changes together with the flavor if you’re using nicotine. The steeping process is long, but with patience, you get great results.

How do you store your ready e-liquid?

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After every step is complete, ensure you store your e-liquid away from the light but in a cool place. This is because sunlight, heat, and air harm your e-liquid.



Making your vape juice is an excellent way of cutting costs on purchases. However, this preparation activity needs individuals with enthusiasm and patience. Try the easy steps above to achieve the best homemade e-juice for your vape devices.




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