Effective Ways to Optimize the Performance of Your Air Conditioner at Home

November 14, 2021


Your air conditioner is an essential appliance, especially during the summer season. It gives you and your family comfort, letting you relax and rest at home. Unfortunately, various factors may cause your AC to work harder, affecting its efficiency and longevity. Plus, it may also increase your energy bill. Here are ways on how to optimize the use of your air conditioner.

Close doors and windows

The cooled air can escape through any opening, making it hard for your air conditioner to reach the set temperature and maintain it. Your electric bill can go up fast if you don’t do something about it. Keep doors and windows closed, especially when the AC is on. Close the blinds or curtains because the heat coming from the sun can still penetrate your glass window, making the room hotter. Insulating your windows, doors, and other areas of the house is also a smart move.

Install thermostat away from other appliances

When you use your appliances, they get hot, and it could affect the temperature that the thermostat detects. If they are near the thermostat, even when the AC reaches the temperature set, the thermostat may still read the hot temperature from the appliances. You can prevent this from happening by installing the thermostat away from other appliances.

Clean the condenser unit

The condenser unit is located outside the house, so it is prone to build up dirt after some time. A dirty air condenser will not work efficiently. It may also freeze during the winter season, and it can easily get damaged without proper cleaning or care. Clean the area around the condenser, and since cleaning the condenser can be tricky, it’s best to leave it to the experts like the ones you will find at https://mcnallyhvac.com/. These AC specialists can effectively clean the condenser unit without causing any damage.

Increase thermostat a few degrees up

Your air conditioner will work harder to reach a temperature that is too far from the temperature outdoors. Turning your thermostat only a few degrees higher, by 5 to 8 degrees, will keep your home comfortable without putting too much toll on your AC and ramping up your electric bill.

Clean vents and filters

Air will not go through properly if you have dirty or clogged vents and filters. Clean them regularly to allow air to pass through and cool the rooms in your house. It will take longer to cool the rooms with dirty vents and filters, thus taking longer for your AC to reach the desired temperature and cycle off. Replace the filters after a few months, as recommended by your air conditioner manufacturer. Cleaning the vents and filters will optimize the use of your AC and improve the quality of air indoors. It can also prevent health risks to the family that may be brought about by poor air quality.

Keep these things in mind to keep your air conditioner running efficiently. It will give you comfort while also saving money from your energy bill.



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