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Get the Ultimate Memory Foam Airplane Pillow For Your Next Vacation

As the end of the year approaches, traveling finally seems to be getting easier again. This is super exciting news for those wanderlust souls who are craving an adventure, families who have been separated for too long and business leisure trips to make the working life fun again.

Not only can we start to plan trips across America again, but also across the pond to Europe and beyond.

But with more travel options coming back, we will need to put extra effort into preparing for our trip so we remain comfortable and the long haul flights don’t take too much of a toll on our mind, body and soul.

It is important to remember that while travel is coming back and you can once again book that airplane ticket, there will likely be a few stresses you need to plan for. There will be mask and testing requirements. There will be other stressed-out travelers. And there will also be a ton of other travelers—meaning getting a row to yourself on a plan will be highly unlikely.

And this is exactly why you need the Everlasting Comfort memory foam airplane pillow. A good pillow can make your airplane journey go from uncomfortable and long to an easy and relaxed experience that can even have you stepping off the plane feeling refreshed.

But for those who may have never considered an airplane pillow before, we want to further show the breadth of benefits you will get to enjoy and why this purchase is such a great investment.

Here are all the additional benefits that you can get from your airplane pillow on your next vacation.


1. You will sleep on cloud 9

While you are traveling through literal clouds, you can also feel like you are sleeping on cloud 9 too. This is because this airplane pillow is made out of memory foam, meaning that it will literally conform to your head. Chances are you have a memory foam pillow at home. And this way you get to bring the comforts of home with you on holiday too.


2. You will feel warm and fuzzy

We’re not going to beat around the bush—airplanes can get cold with the air conditioning that is on for the entire flight. But with this ultimate memory foam pillow you will get to enjoy the extra warmth it provides to your body, but in a breathable way where you don’t feel overheated in the slightest. You’ll basically be getting a free cuddle for the entire flight.


3. You will wake up ready to go

Vacation time is precious and something to be savored. So there is nothing worse than arriving at your holiday destination feeling exhausted and wasting an entire day sleeping—when you could be poolside enjoying cocktails or out for a fun adventure. This memory pillow will encourage you to get some sleep on the flight so you disembark rearing to go for the best holiday ever.


4. You will have no problem caring it onto the plane

There are obviously limited items that you can actually carry onto the plane. But with this pillow, it is the perfect size to qualify as your “personal item” and won’t be challenging to tow around. It is lightweight and the perfect travel partner for any plane journey.


5. You will have an easy time taking care of it

This pillow is another great travel companion because it is so low maintenance. Cleaning the pillow is a breeze and easy to get a new fresh smell into it after every plane ride. This is because you can actually rake the cover off and simply toss that in your washing machine. In fact, you can wash it as soon as you check into your holiday home so that it is fresh and ready to go for the plane journey back home. Talk about low-key maintenance.


6. You will be able to bundle it for the ultimate comfort

Not only is this memory foam pillow the perfect companion for any plane ride, but it can also be bundled up with a footrest. This means that sleeping upright in a chair has actually never been so comfortable!


So as you start to write out your packing list for your next holiday, make sure that the memory foam airplane pillow is at the top of the list. It will ensure that you can easily sink into holiday mode from the instant you board the airplane and can fully make the most of your next trip.






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