Health and Safety in Construction Project Management – How to Stay on the Ball

November 3, 2021

When it comes to project management in the construction industry a lack of, or inadequate, provision of occupational health and safety will not only have a negative effect on the traditional project parameters that the project manager needs to deal with bit also can have a negative effect on the environment around it. Cost, quality, and schedule are all really important parameters that training for project managers will show you are vital to the success of the project. However, it is vital to consider the health and safety of the construction team as well.

Ensuring adequate coverage

Insurance contributes to the cost of the construction project because it is important for a project manager to ensure that workers’ compensation insurance is added into any of the labour costs that are associated with the project.

What it is important to remember however in the construction industry is that there are certain issues that need to be planned for that do not usually happen with projects outside of the construction industry and these are things like occupational fatalities.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the work that is involved in construction and the nature of the heavy machinery that is use serious injuries and on occasion fatalities can occur on construction sites and the potential for these to happen must be factored into the project plan in terms of cost and timescales.

Minimising risk

In addition to ensuring that this cover is in place it is of course also necessary to ensure that all of the relevant health and safety measures are put in place on the construction site. This means ensuring that the appropriate signage is in place on the site, this should be things like hard hat essential areas and being aware of objects overhead. Protective gears such as painters hood must be worn in areas where the workers are applying paint as well. This could help protect workers' from getting dust and paint on their hair and skin. Sites should operate a site office to ensure that visitors are signed into the site and have access to the appropriate safety items; hard hats and high viz, to ensure their safety and also that of the construction workers.

It is also important to ensure that all employees have the appropriate training when it comes to using and operating any essential heavy equipment. There is no room for error in any of these areas because mistakes will not just be costly for the project but could end up injuring or killing someone. When injuries occur on a construction site, questions need to be asked, investigations need to take place and new measures need to be agreed upon in order to ensure future safety. It is also, therefore essential to ensure risk assessment are done for all tasks that could pose such a risk, including any work at height.


As with all types of project management communication is a key skill. Any project manager course will tell you this, and it is vital on any construction project that any changes are communicated in an incredibly timely manner to ensure the continued safety of all of those involved. Regular checks should also be made to make sure that nothing has changed and not been reported.


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