How Mobile Apps Are Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

November 15, 2021

The construction industry has constantly been evolving, and one thing remains the same: construction projects always require the coordination of people and resources. In this regard, it can be better said that the construction managers need to keep track of the team's daily progress, subcontractor's schedules, quotes, equipment, hours, and everything else.

Most of the construction professionals these days own smartphones or tablets, and there has been a great opportunity to improve efficiency, reduce the cost, and speed up the project timelines with mobile app solutions.

It can be said that mobile technologies allow real-time information to be collected and sent to the office for changing the face of the construction industry.

Hiring a best mobile app development company will be a great idea for the construction industry to create top-notch mobile apps. This will enhance the performance of the entire construction process and keep track of the daily work. While selecting the best mobile app development company you can check out their portfolio which will give you a better understanding about the quality of their work.

There are many ways mobile apps adoption in the construction sector has been making a difference in the construction industry. So, let's move ahead with the explicit discussion.

Ways mobile apps are transforming the construction sector.

1. Reduced construction delay

Around 92% of employees have mentioned that technology helps them do their job efficiently and guarantees satisfaction. Gathering real-time information at the job site, including the trades or the deficiencies and incidents, reduces the overall project delay when collected in the mobile and submitted to everyone for access right away. The critical information will be helping in bringing the issues to light that put projects on hold and keep the construction on schedule.

2. Increased back-office efficiency

Elimination of paper and spreadsheets allows the construction companies to save hundreds of hours spent on data entry. Also, it helps in the detection of the paperwork that has been lost or filed away. Dashboards can also find a use for quickly visualizing and acting on all the important information. The future of mobile applications in the construction sector is bright, and increased back-office efficiency is all about the project running on time and budget.

3. Improved communication with the dispatch teams

Dispatch refers to the important part of construction jobs. These days there are materials, people and that has been changing and always on the go. According to a CITO Research report, 53% of respondents have suggested that mobile apps improve business processes and productivity. Mobile apps alongside GPS capability can help keep track of the new jobs and send them to the closest technician. In addition, it serves as a great opportunity for completing the work orders directly from the field, thus reducing the data entry time and avoiding costly errors.

4. Improved accountability of the team members

Mobile technology continues to advance construction in many ways. GPS locations, staff Travel Times, and the time that has been spent on site consistently get monitored with the help of mobile apps that can ensure improvement of the accountability and reduction of the issues caused.

The companies can also reduce the cost with the mobile timesheet that can always record the clock in and clock out time for transparency with the clients and management. The staff can also take into consideration documentation of the work progress with the photos.

5. Providing and tracking the safety training

Construction safety features include the ability to digitize the safety inspection checklist, documentation, safety meetings, and incidents. It can also provide instructions in the case of accidents. In addition, up-to-date training materials also get easily pushed out to the workers on mobile devices.

The fatal injury rates right for the construction industry are quite higher than the national average in the category of overall industries. However, mobile applications can deliver tangible benefits. There may be arrangements that you may not have millions of workers for management. You will likely have multiple job sites under project managing, and with that comes a lot of responsibility and health concerns. With the customized mobile app that includes the daily safety inspection checklist, it is easier for construction managers to mitigate the risk and keep the job sites safe with a streamlined approach.

Also, it can ensure the identification of health safety and environmental issues. The mobile applications for the construction sector come with the on-site safety compliance abilities which enables the safety measures swiftly and check out the risk site observations right on the mobile device.

6. Accurate project documentation

Over paperwork, mobile apps ensure the ability to customize the documentation and create reports in the field. Every project turns out to be different, and creating project documentation specific to the project ensures the elimination of defective and error-prone processes.

The daily reports and the additional documentation in the field utilize GPS tracking, timestamps, and the ability to capture the signatures on site. A specialist mobile application development company can assist you with the objective of building the best app for your construction business. The efficient and accurate method for capturing the information ensures the provider has enough accountability to the project's clients.

7. Reduced human error

The construction managers always need to keep track of the hours covered across the team project, equipment, quotes, and more than that. Often there may be the chances of committing mistakes because the information gets written on paper. It has the highest chances of leading to human errors and also a lot of headaches.

The best finding is that employees working for organizations with essential business-based applications eagerly obtainable have shown 17 percent lesser time spent on manual procedures. In addition to that, there has been a 16% increase in team collaboration. Also, the decision-making process has become 16% faster.

The manual system is more vulnerable to mistake due to the difficult-to-read handwriting, inconsistency in data also other mistakes. Mobile apps are changing the flow of construction. The mobile app can enter, approve, or access information in real-time. And for that, you don't always have to get the network connection. In many cases, you can also update the information, and it gets synchronized automatically once there is connectivity. Thus, it can give an accurate audit trail.

8. Delivery of the deeper insights alongside accountability

Stop spending hours doing data entry. Comprehensively get the insight that the mobile apps are providing. Implementing mobile app technology in construction will be highly fruitful. It can also show the different sites for helping the better growth and support of your business.

Using these insights will immediately assign the additional contactors for working on the project and monitoring the progress. It will also provide you the preference and opportunity of receiving the email alert from the time tracking system as the workers are constantly working at the set time frame. With that also you can get the opportunity to review the hours worked and assess whether you will need the negotiation of the scope of the project or not.

Key Takeaways

Whether it is about time tracking and scheduling, project management, safety inspection collaboration points list, or anything more than that, the mobile app will support virtually every construction business requirement.

So, consider building mobile applications for your construction business that will immensely support the growth of your business.

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