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How to Access Your Wi-Fi Router’s Settings?

An average user doesn’t need to know their IP address at all times or possibly at all. However, if you’re trying to configure the router or fix some sort of problem with the network, you’ll need to enter the IP address.

There are a few easy ways to find the IP address and it can be done regardless of what kind of device or operating system you’re using. It can be found when you’re using a wireless router just the same as when you’re using one that’s connected via cable.

Here’s how to do it.

Look On the Back of the Device

A lot of routers have the IP address on the back of the device itself. In some cases, the IP address is written as a number, or as you could find it in the settings menu. Others however have an URL printed on the back and going to the address will lead you to the IP address.

Some routers manufacturers don’t print their IP address on the back, but it may be useful to know that some of them (such as ASUS) have a default IP address that’s used on any device, at least on any device manufactured up a particular date.

Reading The Manual

The same can be done on the official manual that came with your device. Most people just throw out the manual or store it somewhere until it’s needed. Make sure to remember where it is because it can come in handy when you need your IP address quickly.

The manual goes into detail on how to log into the router and that’s where the IP address will be listed. You could also snap a picture of this page when you first get the router and refer to it when you need it.

Finding a Wireless Router IP address on a Windows 10

When you’re using a Windows 10 PC or a laptop you can find the IP address in the Settings App. The process is the same when you’re connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable or via a wireless connection.  Press Windows + I on your keyboard and then go to the Network and Internet section.

Find the name of your connection under the status section. It should be in the “Wi-Fi” section and click on the “Properties” below the connection name. That can be a name that you’ve given your network or one that’s set by the provider.

In this window, you’ll see a lot of technical details about your network connection. Scroll down to “IPv4 DNS servers” and there you’ll find your IP address.

Finding a Wireless Router IP address using Command Prompt

Even though it’s possible to find an IP address using the Windows interface, there are still those who prefer to do it using CMD. It’s faster to do it that way and especially so if you’re used to using your keyboard to type in commands. Using a CMD also means that you get the information that you need in the simplest possible form via text on the black screen.

Start command prompt from your Windows menu and run this command: ipconfig /all | findstr /R “Gateway”. The IP address of the defeat gateway is the same one as the wireless router and it will be displayed on the screen once you press enter.

How to Find a Wireless Router IP Address On an Android Device?

You can easily find your wireless router IP address on an Android device. It’s done simply through the interface of your device and by following the instruction on your screen. The menus aren’t as intuitive on Android as they can be, but for the most part, it’s easy to do.

Go to the “Settings” menu and tap on the “Connections. Then you should tap on the “Wi-Fi” entry. It’s important not to make a mistake and tap on the Wi-Fi switch instead. If you do, you’ll simply turn off the Wi-Fi.

You’ll see a list of wireless networks near you starting with the network you’re using at the moment. Tap the gear icon next to it and you’ll go into the settings menu for your Wi-Fi network.  There you’ll a screen with the information about your Wi-Fi including the IP address.

How to Find a Wireless Router IP Address On a Mac?

Finding a Router IP address on a Mac is fairly simple. You start by clicking the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen. There you’ll open the System Preferences menu. Once you’re in there click on the Network app.

When you’re in the Network window select the type of network you’re using on the left side of the screen. In this case, you should select “Wi-Fi” since it’s a wireless router you’re using.  Select the network and go to the “Advanced” on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Once you’re in the “Advanced” window go to the TCP/IP tab and you’ll get the information about your network including the IP address in the Router field. You can copy it and paste it where it’s needed or write it down depending on why you need the address in the first place.

How to Find a Router IP in an Online Database?

There are websites out there that provide an online list of default IP addresses for most routers. You can log in to one of these and find the number for your router. They cover most of the common brands of routers and you can easily find yours from a list and simply copy the IP address from there.

The downside of this way of finding an IP address is that it doesn’t work for any router model and brand. Newer brands and new models may not be represented on some sites and when that’s the case you’ll need to find the IP address in one of the ways we’ve mentioned before.

There are a few ways to find your IP address and it’s best to learn how to do it since you may need an IP address for your wireless router at some point.



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