How to Become a Real Estate Agent in the United States?

November 11, 2021

The profession of an estate agent is increasing day by day. Due to which more people are rushing towards getting a degree in real estate. People can become estate agents, after fulfilling the requirements. Otherwise, they will not consider an authentic, verified, or trustworthy estate agent. This is why a person who wants to become an estate agent must accomplish the degree and courses. These are required by the law, to become an estate agent.

Points to Consider

Here we have discussed some of the points that should be considered. These will help you to clear the requirements of becoming an estate agent.

Average Duration

The average duration of becoming an estate agent is four to six months. The period of completing this degree is also dependent on the country where you live.

Take The Pre-Licensing Classes

If you want to become an estate agent, you must take online real estate pre-licensing classes. These classes will boost up the speed of this process.

Requirements Vary

The requirements of becoming an estate agent vary as per the place where you live. Some require you to pass a licensing exam so you have to pass it. Then activate the licensing, and you can join any brokerage.

The Title of Realtor

There is also a requirement to use the title realtor with the name. It is essential to be a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). If you are not a member of NAR, you cannot use the title Realtor with your name. Every Realtor should subscribe to the NAR’s code of ethics that is strict.

Flexible Hours of Working

It is a kind of lucrative career that offers flexible hours of working. It gives you the facility to communicate with people at any time.

What are the Responsibilities of a Real Estate Broker?

There are various responsibilities of Real Estate Agents, to perform. We are going to discuss the main things associated with the real estate Broker’s profession. An estate agent assists the people in dealing with their properties. For example, an agent helps people in buying, selling, or leasing any commercial property. Not just the commercial property, but the industrial property as well. They also provide help in negotiating of final contract by guiding their clients. An agent guides the clients thoroughly in every step of the real estate transaction. An agent also helps in inspecting and repairing what are essential to be considered before selling.

Some of the common responsibilities of an estate agent are listed below:

  • They are supposed to create property listings.
  • They identify the advertising available properties.
  • Schedule the open houses and showings as well.
  • Capture the pictures of properties.
  • An agent also helps the clients in determining the property’s required budget and needs.

Why Should I Become a Real Estate Agent?

If you are working as an estate agent, you have to offer a great deal of variety to the clients. There are the different clients, as well as home, by which you have to deal. This is because, you cannot say, that you are performing the same thing every day. As the clients and the homes, remains changing, and you have to deal with them. Every day, there may be a new client, with whom you have to work.

You are meet to supposed various people, and to work with them further. An estate agent has to satisfy both, the buyers and the Sellers. This is why communication plays a very important role. The estate agent should have effective communication skills to meet with the clients. They should have the ability to communicate with the buyer and the seller as well. It is an essential and strong point of dealing with them and to agree on them on an agreement.

How to Become an Estate Agent in the United States?

The main requirements are course training, licensing, and on-the-job training. Besides these, here we have listed below some common requirements to become an estate agent.

  • The first step is to do a state-approved real estate sales course.
  • A certain person has to pass the real estate agent licensing program of the state.
  • The person has to work as an estate agent.

The First Step is to do a State-Approved Real Estate Sales Course:

You need to be trained first if you want to become an estate agent. The courses related to this field allow you to get in-depth knowledge of this field. You will come to know about the legal issues, real estate finances, taxes, insurance, and ethics as well. Before finally enrolling in the course, make sure the course is approved. The course should be approved by the state licensing board, the state in which you are going to give the services. This approval is essential for the qualification of the license. You can easily get back this amount with a few sales from a real estate agent.

The Person has to Pass the Real Estate Agent Licensing Program of the State:

If you want to become an estate agent, you must be a licensed Real Estate agent for a successful business. These courses or classes give you the verification of your profession.

Such exams cover various types of subjects that are following:

  • Negotiations
  • Working with the clients
  • Closing a deal
  • Real estate law

You should keep in mind, that every state has its exam. So, must check out the exam’s requirements with your state’s real estate licensing board. The estate agents, also help the Investors to invest their finances in the right place.

The Person Has to Work as a Real Estate Agent:

Before taking the training of a real estate broker, the person must have the work experience of an estate agent. As we have mentioned above already, that every state has its requirements. But generally, it requires two to five years of working experience to become a real estate broker. There is also a requirement of doing a certain number of real estate transactions. This experience will give you an understanding of working in the real estate field. You can also build up your networks and reputation in this field, by working as an estate agent.


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