How To Build A Budget-Friendly Garage Gym

November 15, 2021



If you are thinking about home gym ideas you could incorporate into your house, think about creating a garage gym. It’s a great way to start small but still have enough space for exercising.

You can find easy solutions and make your garage into a fully functioning gym. It will be an amazing project and you will make a useful space that the whole family can use.

It is good to invest in creating a garage gym in your home. The idea of a home gym is small and cost-effective as compared to a larger gym. Many gyms are using Wellyx for their business management because it saves them cost and time.

Most garage gyms seem really expensive but they can also be built on a budget. The essential equipment for a garage gym include a barbell, weight bench, weight rack, and a set of weight plates. You can also go for dumbbells, kettlebells, and cardio machines if you like to workout with them. This guide will provide you with useful tips on how to build a budget-friendly garage gym.

Where to start?

Deciding to build a garage gym and for it to fit your budget, you need to make a really good plan. Consider all the costs, and try to prioritize things. Start with the most important part of the project and add the essentials.

One of the best times to consider putting a garage gym together is when you’re relocating. If you’ve not had a home gym before, you can dedicate your new garage space to it before it becomes cluttered with other things. Or, if you already have a home gym, it’s a good time to rid yourself of any equipment you rarely use. The advantage is that with a Man and Van company, you get help packing and transporting the cushioned flooring as well as lifting and placing that heavy equipment in your new home. (Make sure to get measurements and plan your gym layout before the removers arrive.)

Creating your home gym can cost anywhere from 1.000$ and up, depending on the choices you make. After you have that done, you can think about adding upgrades or investing more into the space. Here is a list to help you with deciding where to start:

Purchase proper equipment


When it comes to building a garage gym that is budget-friendly, you need to think about the equipment you need. A great tip is to buy used equipment. That way, you can purchase something valuable for a lower price.

That will help you to save up and be able to spend more on the things that your gym needs. Here is a list of essentials and most common things people need in a gym:

  • Barbell
  • Rack
  • Bench
  • Plates
  • Kettlebells and dumbbells

You can find used equipment on Facebook, Amazon, or Craigslist. Also, another great thing is that there are a lot of DIY projects you can incorporate into your gym. You will save up on costs and it will be a fun process to make your gym more functional.

Budgeting will be a hard process, but once you get used to it and realize how much you can save, you will be wanting to budget for everything.

Invest in flooring

If you are transforming your garage into a gym, you need to think about the floors. Usually, garage floors are made out of wood or concrete that can be damaged by heavy equipment. Good flooring will also protect your equipment.

Flooring can be really cheap or super expensive, depending on the brand that you choose. For the cheaper version, you can think about using rubber or foam tiles, cushioned PVC tiles, etc…

Freshen up the walls


Since garages can be dark and dull, it’s important to add fresh spirit to them. Change the look of your future garage gym by painting the walls and adding mirrors. Sometimes, small details can make big changes and make the room feel bigger and have better energy.

You can use colors like blue or any darker shades that will boost your production Mirrors are a great way to make the room seem as if it has more space. They are also great to follow what you are doing and avoid mistakes.

To make the costs lower, you can paint the garage gym yourself. You can purchase paint and mirrors in a cheap retail store like Walmart. You will save more than 150$ which you can invest in upgrades or in another project.

Dedicate a space

Since most garages are not too spacious, it’s important to plan where you will fit which piece of equipment. Measure your garage and measure the bigger equipment parts. Create a plan for them to make your home gym look nice and neat.

You will have more space for working out once everything is set up properly. If your garage has more space than usual garages and you have spare money, you can always add new upgrades. For those who have pets, if your little fluffy friends are around in your gym space and you keep them on carpet, you will need extra help from a carpet shampooer for pets.

This allows your pets be near you while you workout, but will also help keep the space very clean so that you can workout in comfort. Either way, creating a garage gym has many benefits, so start your plan now and stop paying monthly memberships when you can exercise at home.


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