How to make bathroom renovations

November 8, 2021

Within the framework of this article, let us analyze the issue of repair in a turnkey bathroom. You can flip through the detailed portfolio of famous companies. As well, they offer to calculate the cost on an online calculator.

The bathroom, when renovating, is one of the most challenging areas in your home. It would help if you were not afraid of these difficulties. Luxury bathroom vanity store New Bathroom Style considers you need to approach the work thoughtfully and deliberately.

Making up a bathroom, starting with planning

Of course, a successful bathroom renovation begins with a detailed plan of action. It is necessary to determine what kind of work will be performed in the bathroom - updating the surface finish, or overhauling, including replacing communications? It is essential to initially decide on all the most minor details: where the plumbing fixtures, shower stall, or bathroom, and 24 inch vanity bathroom or 36 inch bathroom vanity. If all this is not foreseen, the work will be not only lengthy but also chaotic. Take the time to visit specialized bathroom stores near me, research information on the Internet and periodicals. Today, new materials for repair and decoration constantly appear on the construction market, allowing for bold and unexpected design solutions. When planning your purchases, once again, determine for yourself the exact list of equipment and equipment that will be in the bathroom. It will be a shame if, at the last moment, you decide to install a bidet, and there are no communications for it. It is also necessary to determine what kind of plumbing equipment will be because various toilets, showers, etc., differ in shape, method of installation, and connection. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the correct outlets for the sewerage and water supply points.

Hire only professionals for your repairs in the bathroom

After the plan for the renovation in the bathroom has been drawn up, you can begin to implement it. Make sure to hire a professional bathroom renovation specialist who has years of experience and the ability to successfully rebuild your bathroom. However, before that, you will have to part with everything that looks bad, does not work, is broken, or does not work as it should. After that, the old finishes, usually tiles, are removed from the walls and floor. It is not advisable to leave or plan to install a suspended ceiling in the bathroom because under its surface in the wet conditions of the bathroom, various microorganisms can multiply, and a fungus can form. Do not forget to plan the dismantling of the old door, because at least it will interfere with the work. At the maximum, it will look ridiculous against the background of the updated bathroom.

After the field for activity is prepared, the phase of creation can begin. Initially, it would be best if you were worried about the water supply. Today, pipes made of metal-plastic, cross-linked polyethylene, and polypropylene have proven themselves well for work in the bathroom. Reinforced plastic is the most affordable and easy to install.

After that, you need to go to the wiring. It must be remembered that separate wires must be laid under the lamps, sockets, and household appliances. It is also advisable to install an individual machine for the washing machine.

The next step is finishing the floor, walls, ceiling. If you are limited in funds and do not plan any unique design delights, the ceiling can be primed and painted with waterproof water-based paint. Such a solution will be inexpensive, beautiful, and practical.

Uneven floors should be leveled with unique leveling compounds and gyro-insulated (directly on the screen). When balancing the walls, it is necessary to pay close attention to ensuring that all angles are strictly ninety degrees because this issue is the most complicated one when laying tiles. The tiles are placed under the comb on the floor and walls. Do not forget that all the seams in the corners must match. After laying the tiles, grouting is carried out. The joints between the bathroom and the tiles and the corners should be filled with a sealant (it is recommended to choose the color following the color of the grout).

After that, the plumbing is installed and connected to the communications, accessories are installed, and the door is installed.

After that, you can enjoy a cozy and functional bathroom for many years.

Now that you know how to make bathroom renovations, you need to understand what associated cost items.

The price of a bathroom renovation will depend on the following factors:

•Room area;

•Its original condition;

•Materials used;

•Repair type;

•The complexity of design;

•Many other factors


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