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How to Pick the Best Pipe Cutting Tools?

There are many different pipe cutters available in the market. It cannot be obvious when you have to choose one. You can waste a lot of time researching each product. The information herein will help you pick out the best pipe cutter suitable for your purpose.

Pipe cutting tools can be divided into two main categories: manual and automatic. Manual tools need a lot more labor to use but will not cost you as much money. Automated tools can be pretty expensive. They make things easier and are fast but have higher price tags. Depending on your usage scenario, each type comes with its pros and cons.

Manual Pipe Cutters

These are inexpensive options that are perfect for occasional usage. They are usually made of high-quality metals and will last you a long time without breaking or bending when used well. The best thing about manual options is that it’s easy to cut through metal pipes. This makes them great if you only need the cuts in your pipes every once in a while. However, these tools can be somewhat dangerous. There isn’t any mechanism that holds onto the device while you turn on the power source. You have to wear protective glasses and gloves before using this cutter. Your safety comes first, people!

Automatic Pipe Cutters

Automatic pipe cutters are great if you need to make a lot of cuts in your pipes. They can be very dangerous because they have blades that spin from the power source. You must always wear protective glasses and gloves when using this type of cutter. Otherwise, there could cause serious injuries. The best thing about automatic options is that they usually come with safety features such as locks. A person can operate them without fear of harm. However, these tools must have electricity to run. If the power goes out during usage, all progress will halt until you get an alternative energy source. These products tend to cost more than manual ones due to their electric components. They will come in handy for professional or heavy usage.

Pipe Cutters and Plumbers

If you’re a professional plumber or someone who uses pipe cutters more often, it might be beneficial to invest in an automatic option. Automatic pipe cutting tools are designs that suit this type of application. The overhead cost may be high. But these tools are durable and safe, making them a worthy investment. Durability and safety features ensure that people operate them without fear of injury while creating hundreds of cuts. This makes them perfect if your job requires cutting many different pipes daily.

Now that you know what types of pipe cutters are available on the market, let’s talk about some specific products.

1. Manual option made for cutting metal pipes

This product has two circular blades, and it can handle any standard-sized steel or iron pipe. It comes with three extra replacement blades. If one blade gets damaged during usage, you won’t be stuck without one when needed most. This tool would be great for anyone who might need to make cuts in their metallic piping now and again. If that is the nature of the job and you do not want to invest too much money into buying something expensive, that is the option. Some manual pipe cutters are designed for cutting ABS and PVC pipes.

2. Automatic option made for cutting metal pipes

This is best for cutting steel, brass, copper, or aluminum tubing in the plumbing industry. This tool works by clamping onto the exterior of your tubing while a power source spins a circular blade around. It cuts through tubing in seconds. It comes with a safety switch to lock it down to one place if needed during usage. It is perfect for anyone who needs an automatic option but doesn’t want something too dangerous. This product may cost more than manual options due to its electrical components. It is a worthy investment because it is efficient and durable.


There are many types of pipe cutters available on the market for all different plumbing needs. The most common include manual and automatic pipe cutters. Manual tools are inexpensive and used when pipe cutting occurs once in a while. Automatic pipe cutters are expensive but valuable when a lot of pipe cutting is needed. Make sure to choose an option that is best suited for your specific application and budget.


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