How to Replace Sewage Ejector Pump?

November 22, 2021

Before going to show how to replace a sewage ejector pump, we would like to start with its definition. Sewage ejector pumps are called plumbing equipment that extracts sewerage from the lower-level areas. These are installed in maximum homes’ basement where bathrooms or laundry can be found.

Why are sewage ejectors pumps necessary? Well, many homes have the central wastewater line somewhere at ground level. Liquid waste removal Sydney is vital in addressing the challenge laundries and basement bathrooms face in cautiously releasing their liquid waste.

In that case, a sewage ejector pump will dispatch the pollutants right up into the main municipal line, decreasing all clogs and inconvenience along the way.

However, when it comes to replacing sewage ejector pumps, many people find it difficult. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with some simple steps that will aid you in replacing a sewage ejector pump without confronting any troubles. So, stay with us & keep reading.

Should I Use a Sewage Ejector Pump? Why?

In the above section, we have already described shortly why you need a sewage ejector pump. Let’s explain it with a proper explanation. To get rid of effluent from the ground-level areas, such as a basement that has a water supply, a sewage ejector plays a crucial role. As we know, the wastewater line is usually on or above ground, and indeed water flows from high to low; thus, the line gets wholly detached from the basement.

A weighty power is generally used in a sewage ejector pump to intensify the remnants to the chief sewage line, averting your loads on bathroom clogs and messes. A pump is not mandatory, but you must install a good one if you possess a laundry room or a basement bath. You can check out some of the best sewage ejectors reviews of Plumbingpoints here.

What Possible Problems You Can Face If You Don’t Use a Sewage Ejector Pump

Here we have provided a list of problems you may encounter if you don’t use the ejector pump, especially if your house has the sewage line somewhere at ground level.

  1. Your pipeline can be clogged by semi-solid or solid waste
  2. Burst pipes or overflowing can lead to flooding
  3. Wastewater in taps in taps and sinks
  4. Effluent waters can lead to the spread of several diseases like food poisoning, flu, and respiratory problems
  5. Sewer gas is responsible for creating annoyance, nausea, and attracting pests as well.

How to Replace Sewage Ejector Pump

Sewage ejector is one of the most vital devices as it keeps all dirty and unwanted waters where it belongs. However, you may need to replace the sewage ejector pump often. It is not a difficult task, but you have to know the right way. This segment shows the entire procedure of replacing a sewage ejector with a couple of steps. Let‘s check them out.

Step-1: Unplug

Before starting, make sure that everything is unplugged; the electric outlet, cords, pump motor, and the switch. This step is crucial for safety measures.

Step-2: Untighten Clamps

In the second step, you have to loosen the clamps on the check valve and are connected to the discharge pipe. To untighten, you can use your socket or adjustable wrench. Once this has been accomplished, check the valve with your hand.

Step-3: Ejector Pit

In this step, you have to untighten the bolts with the ejector’s wrench pit lid, which is mandatory while replacing a sewage ejector pump.

Step-4: Vent Pipe

Now, you need to detach the vent pipe. It is unnecessary to use a wrench to disconnect the vent pipe as you will be up to pull it with your hand. If it is stuck, then you may need to twist it. Once the vent pipe is disconnected, you will need to get hold of the discharge pipe and take the old pump out of your ejector pin. From your used pump, you have to unscrew it.

Step-5: Use Teflon Tape

Now, take a Teflon tape and wrap it around the screw’s thread. You have to use the tape for the discharge pipe to get a strong seal. Once you have accomplished this, you’ll be up to spin the discharge pipe into the new pump. Then, pick up the brand new pump. Do the entire thing by catching the discharge pipe and then giving it to your ejector pit.

Step-6: Adjustment

In this step, you have to make sure that everything is going to be adequately adjusted. The leading pipe and the discharge pipe need to be tied to be inclined to the same fittings they were previously joined. When they are wholly adjusted, you can reconnect your vent pipe.

Step-7: Ejector Pit

Envelop the ejector pit but not completely. You have to keep it uncovered a little so that you can reach in and get the cords. Trail the cords over the slot after you have hitched up the lid from the pump in the pit. Simultaneously, tighten the lid bolts with your wrench.

Step-8: Connecting Again

Reconnect the check valve and then align the clamp. Now, tighten the clamps and, at the same time, hold your check valve. Once it is done, plug in your cords back.

How to Purchase the Best Sewage Pump

Choosing the best sewage ejector pump according to base plumbing is a difficult task. Different brands offer different features, and it is normal for a user to get blindsided and pick up the wrong one.

For that reason, it is necessary to have some basic knowledge to find out which sewage pumps are the best for you. We have described some basic things about a sewage ejector pump that you should contemplate before getting one.

Build Quality & Durability

Indeed, you won’t buy a sewage ejector pump very often as it is expensive, right? That’s why you have to choose one made with high-quality material so that it can serve for an extended period. Sewage pump is made with several materials, but the most popular and the best material for a sewage pump is cast iron.

The maximum manufacturers use cast iron for the body along with stainless steel fasteners and rotors. Before purchasing, be sure that every single part of the body is proof against rust and corrosion.


It is another thing that you should take into your consideration before having a sewage ejector pump. The performance of the pump mainly depends on two different things. These are; the intensity of horsepower the motor holds and the flow rate of the pump.

The fundamental function of a sewage pump is to extract all the water waste and the flow rate that indicates how much waste it can discharge in a definite period.

If you own a pump with an extended horsepower number, you won’t need to run it for a long period, making the ejector pump last longer. To confirm the flow rate and the horsepower, check the product manual guide while you purchase it.

However, if you want to buy a pump to remove large waste, we recommend a higher flow rate and horsepower.

Pump’s Type and Sewer System

To get better performance from the pump, you have to choose the right one that matches your house’s sewer system. Relying on the type of structure or where you stay, you can choose a septic tank or a dedicated sewage system for water waste disposal.

If you get a septic tank system, then ejector pumps are the proper selection for you. On the other hand, you can go for a grinder pump or an ejector pump if you own a dedicated pressurized sewage system. So depending on the sewage system, you have to choose the right one. Otherwise, you won’t get better performance from the ejector pump.

Pump Switches

It is another vital factor that you should consider. Pump switches make the functionality more accessible and efficient. You’ll find two types of switches in a sewage pump; a tethered float switch and a vertical float switch. We recommend choosing the one with a tethered float switch that automatically turns the pump off and on. This type of switch is ideal for a larger and deeper sewer basin. On the other hand, a vertical float switch is suitable for smaller sewage pits.

Final Verdict

After a certain period, your sewage ejector pump can be damaged, and at that time, you may need to replace it with a new one. In that case, if you won’t be able to do it on your own, you have to hire a professional one that will be expensive.

To save your time and money, you can accomplish it on your own. All you need to do is comprehend the appropriate methods. In the above, we have shown the entire process step-by-step. Hopefully, you won’t face difficulties while changing your sewage ejector pump by following our given steps.


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