How To Upgrade Your Existing Driveway Or Patio

November 23, 2021

Around 60% of homes in the US have a patio. Yet for some of us these patios are years old and may be looking out of date. Is your patio or driveway in need of an upgrade? Here are some tips on how to upgrade your existing garden patio or driveway.

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Get Your Patio Cleaned Up

If your patio is looking a little dirty, then cleaning it up will take years off its appearance. The Paver Supply Warehouse stocks a range of superior cleaners and strippers to remove grease, rust, grime and dirt from the paver surface. If your patio paver is experiencing mold or moss growth, then there are also mold removers available, alongside natural sealants to help prevent future growth or grime build-up in the future. Use a power washer to shine and polish your patio to a brand new level of cleanliness.

Consider A Wall

If your patio or driveway is a little exposed to the elements, you might want to consider a wall. Building a wall that ties into the existing pavers will create a coherent design that can enhance the exterior of your home. A quality paver supplier will be able to provide new frameworks for garden steps or walls, as well as structures to expand on existing walls. You can create a bit of privacy in your outdoor area and protect your patio from the wind and elements.

Add Some Plant Life

Greenery can really brighten up an existing patio or driveway. Consider hardy and perennial plants that you can leave to their own devices. Some of the best patio plants include lavender, fuschia or even ornamental grasses to add a splash of color. When purchasing plants, consider how much sunlight the area gets as well as how much space you have available.

Design A Canopy

If your patio or even driveway is exposed to the outdoors, a canopy can protect it from the elements as well as create the perfect opportunity for outdoor dining. Canopies can be created with wooden beams overlaid with waterproof sheeting to protect you from the elements. If you have an exposed driveway, you could create a carport instead. When building a carport be sure to check existing building regulations for your area.

You don’t need to completely redesign your patio or driveway. Consider a clean-up with mold remover or a power washer and then a new sealant to extend its life into the future. You can even protect it from the elements with a wall or canopy. Add some plant life to brighten up the area, or even clean-up your car to make the whole area seem brand new.


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