Is Your Property As Secure As It Could Be?

November 9, 2021

FBI statistics suggest that a property in the US is targeted by thieves every 30 seconds. In this guide, we’ll discuss effective security measures and provide advice to help you strengthen your defenses.

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Tips to make your home more secure

Nobody wants to think about thieves breaking into their home and stealing their belongings, but the sad reality is that these incidents happen. Burglaries are perhaps more common than you may think. While the statistics make for unpleasant reading, there are several simple steps you can take to lower risks and protect your home. These include:

Cameras and alarm systems

Cameras and alarm systems offer multiple benefits for residential and commercial property owners. As well as acting as a visible deterrent to try and discourage thieves from trying to break in, alarm systems can be linked to police departments or security teams, and they provide access to footage and images in real-time. If you don’t already have a security system in place, it’s wise to explore different options and find out more about the benefits of installing new cameras, and alert systems. From city apartments to detached homes in rural areas, there are systems to suit every homeowner.

Outdoor lighting

It is common for burglaries to occur at night, as darkness provides protection for thieves and the risk of getting caught falls. To maximize the chances of staying safe during the evenings and early hours, it’s an excellent idea to add outdoor lighting to your home. You can use lights to illuminate driveways and porches and take advantage of motion-sensor lighting, which reacts to movement around the site. It is much more challenging for thieves to break into a property and steal away with possessions when it’s light. If your security lights do come on, they will alert neighbors and passers-by to potential disturbances, even if you are away.

Access control

Most burglaries occur when thieves gain access through doors and windows. Today, homeowners can utilize modern technology to protect their homes by monitoring and restricting access. Access control solutions, such as key cards, codes, and fobs, are ideally suited to multi-tenant properties, apartment blocks, and gated residential communities. If you live in a flat or gated housing development or own a property with several tenants, contact companies like Granite Communications & Security to discuss your options.

Gates and fencing

Gates and fencing can be effective deterrents, and they make gaining access and getting away much more challenging. By adding fencing or gates, you can enhance privacy and put hurdles and obstacles in the way of opportunistic thieves. If you have gates and walls or fences around your property, it will also be more difficult for thieves to identify entry points and determine what kinds of belongings to take, which may persuade them to think again.


Our homes should be sanctuaries where we feel safe and relaxed. If your property isn’t as secure as it could be, and you’re looking to strengthen your defenses, explore your options and seek expert advice. Visible deterrents, alarm systems, cameras, and access control measures can all help to lower risks dramatically.


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