Keeping the Environment Safe Starts at Home

November 3, 2021


More and more people are becoming eco-friendly, wherein many do the common practice of recycling their trash without giving it much thought. But when you focus on the bigger picture, you can find numerous methods that will go a long way in aiding you to protect the environment and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Below are eight ways you can make your house more eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

Using an Energy-efficient Meter

Most families tend to use their heaters longer than needed. Your home's heating units or boilers are one of the biggest consumers of energy. Equipping your house withsmart metersis one of the best means of addressing this problem. You can set your meters to only operate at a certain period, so you can use them to warm your home before getting up in the morning or returning from work.

Using smart meters is also the best solution for individuals trying to reduce their carbon footprint and those worried about the rising costs of their utility bills. It's also an excellent way to keep track of your monthly energy consumption.

Using Solar Panels for Electricity

Equipping one's house with solar panels is one of the best solutions for individuals who want to protect the environment. Installing solar panels is a smart renovation idea for your home. Even though you'll have to pay for them upfront, you can potentially save a considerable amount of money on your electricity bills for the years to come.

Besides, entrepreneurs have realized that investing in commercial solar installation is better for their business establishments.

Investing in Underfloor Heating

Even if most people don't use heaters or radiators, others still aim for a minimalist approach to their home's heating systems. Underfloor heating is a simple habit of saving money on utility bills. Usually, you can find them in modern homes, but you can still have them installed in your old home.

Opting for Water-based Paint

In renovating your house, make sure to use water-based paints with natural dye. Most paints commonly used for renovations are oil-based, and they're not as eco-friendly as they can be. Other homeowners have come to realize that water-based paints are more aesthetically appealing and come in different colors.

You've been using detergents or bleaches to clean your house, but you've never thought about their impact on the environment. Not every homeowner thinks about how they can harm the environment.

One typical case is that they'll go into your water supply once you wash them down the drain, making it more time-consuming for treatment facilities to purify the water for safe consumption.

Now, you have numerous eco-friendly alternatives. You can replace your detergents or bleaches with a vinegar and lemon juice solution to kill bacteria, leaving your house germ-free. Or, you can also opt for steam cleaning. It's another eco-friendly method of disinfecting your home and killing bacteria, leaving your home germ-free.

You'll only need water for this cleaning method.

Using Energy-saving Appliances

Think about the appliances you own and how frequently you rely on them. For example, suppose you're using the oven to re-heat a meal, and you keep on opening the doors. In that case, you'll soon realize that you're allowing a massive amount of electricity to go out, increasing the time it takes for your oven to reach optimum cooking temperature.

Other people even use halogen ovens for cooking, wherein you can more quickly re-heat your meals because you don't have to preheat the oven. You also don't waste a massive amount of electricity while waiting for your food to cook.

Maintain Your Boiler Regularly

Modern boilers are more energy-saving and heat-efficient than older models, but you'll still have to maintain them regularly to ensure they're working perfectly. Old-fashioned boilers can still function properly, provided you clean and use them wisely; however, after fifteen years, you still have to replace them.

You'll also have to track your thermostat's temperature settings. You can often set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature to reduce your bills and ensure it's working perfectly for you and your family. Turning it down by one degree will save you a massive amount of money on utility bills.

Install Low-flow Showerheads

Most eco-friendly people claim that using the shower is safer for the environment since it consumes less water than running the bath. Many families assume that they're using an eco-friendly shower; however, that's not the case. You can save energy if you install low-flow showerheads and reduce the time taking a shower.

It shouldn't go beyond ten minutes, and that should be optimal to wash your body and hair and complete other shower rituals.

Following these eco-friendly in your house allows you to reduce your carbon footprint while remodeling your property. It can be expensive to upgrade your home to make it more eco-friendly; however, you can save a lot of money in the long run by being sustainable. You're also playing your role in protecting the environment.


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