Kitchen Design Checklist

November 22, 2021

Choosing your kitchen design should be a source of inspiration and joy. It shouldn’t feel like a drag and you shouldn’t have to stress about it. However, without a plan, your ideal kitchen can quickly become a hassle that doesn’t bring people together, but rather, tears homes apart.

That’s why you need a kitchen design checklist. Adhering to some sort of structure for your planning process ensures that your kitchen will come out the way you imagined. Continue reading to learn more about how to turn your kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams.

Choose Your Dream Design

Throw away your budget for a minute and allow yourself to dream. What would your kitchen look like if you could have everything you ever wanted? What would your kitchen be capable of? How would your life be different?

This investigation phase is more than a creative exercise. Take it one step further and you can weed out what’s realistic and what’s out-of-reach. Kitchens should be fashionable and they should bring you joy. Designing one that fits your lifestyle is the best way to accomplish that.

How your kitchen interacts with your lifestyle comes down to many factors. How many people do you want to host in your kitchen? What do you want to use your kitchen for? What non-cooking activities do you want to be able to do?

The goal of these questions is to discover the layout and functionality of your kitchen. If you use this time wisely, your kitchen will start to take shape before you even purchase materials.

Materials, Designs, and Appliances

After flexing those creative muscles, it’s time to put some functionality into motion. You can’t accomplish your dream kitchen without finding the right materials to construct cabinets, flooring, and countertops- mainly, all of the items for where you cook, clean, eat, walk, and interact.

Fixtures, Finishes, Plumbing, and Storage

Next, it’s time to figure out the mechanics- the large appliances, lighting, and ventilation that make food storage, mood-setting, and temperature control possible. Are you interested in professional-grade appliances for gourmet cooking or do you prefer sleek, modern looks with induction cooking devices and a low-profile hood?

Does extravagant lighting or reserved lighting fit your personality better? Once you decide on the larger materials, you have to get down to the details: your sinks, hardware, fixtures, and finishes- the final touches of your kitchen. With custom kitchens, imagination is key, but you also need to root your imagination in the elements of design, which comes down to materials.

Technology and Gadgets

Choosing the right technology and gadgets for your kitchen comes down to preferences. What technology do you need to take your kitchen to the next level? Distributed audio? motorized shades like Lutron? Smart temperature controls?

Whatever you decide, you will most likely have to be careful how much technology you include. Smart home technologies can quickly rack up bills and incorporate invasive installation techniques that hamper the design process.

Cooking and Cleaning

Choosing which cooking apparatus to incorporate comes down to your cooking style. Do you want an induction cooktop? How about instant hot water? Reverse osmosis water filtration?

When it comes to cooking apparatuses, you need to decide which suits you best. It’s not about the most advanced or expensive cooking device. If you use your kitchen for more of a gathering location rather than a state-of-the-art chef’s kitchen you won’t need advanced cooking apparatuses. However, if you bake a lot, it would make sense for you to use an advanced oven.

Questions to Ask

Below is a list of the questions you should ask yourself before putting the final touches on your kitchen.

  1. Do you have counter space between your appliances and sinks?
  2. Do the corners have space for you to open and close drawers and counters fully?
  3. Where will the handles be placed on cabinets and will the handles’ design interfere with nearby appliances, doors, or drawer openings?
  4. Have you planned under cabinet lighting?
  5. Is your lighting adequate? Does it illuminate the sink, cooktop, or range and have you planned where the light controls will be?
  6. Has the toe-kick been designed to the thickness of your flooring?
  7. Will the new kitchen floor match the style and height of the flooring in adjoining rooms?
  8. Do you have enough electrical outlets? Are you planning an island or a peninsula?
  9. Does the design flow uninterrupted? You should direct traffic around the kitchen’s work triangle but not through it.
  10. Is there adequate storage space?
  11. Most importantly, do you enjoy your kitchen and is it a source of energy?

What Makes a Great Kitchen Designer?

Communication is one of the most important attributes of a kitchen designer. If a kitchen designer can’t communicate with you about your design needs, it doesn’t matter how skilled they are, your kitchen will come out differently than you envisioned.

Kitchen designers also need to understand your psychology. What makes you tick about your kitchen? Is it the idea of being able to host parties or are you most excited about cooking extravagant meals for your family?

Organization keeps the planning and construction process neat and smooth. It keeps the parties informed of any changes or mishaps and improves the ability to respond to those challenges.

Key Takeaways

While designing the kitchen of your dreams, you need to let your imagination run wild. However, you also need to make sure you stay realistic about your choices for materials and design components such as cabinets, flooring, and countertops. Additionally, you need to decide what you want to use your kitchen for.


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