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Mississippi Solar Panels Guide 2021

Most people are hesitant in getting solar panel installation due to the upfront cost. But getting familiar with the benefits and how solar energy can change your life will be a good way to decide if solar panels are indeed for you. Get solar incentives for installing solar power in Mississippi and other benefits if you decide to get one. Here are some Mississippi solar panels guide 2021.

Are Solar Panels Worth It In Mississippi?

This is always the question we get about solar panel installation. If you compare the pricing of solar panels 10 years ago, the prices had dropped to 80%. So it will be a perfect time to invest now since they are far more affordable than before. It also shows that with all the savings you can get from your monthly electricity bills you can get the money you paid for the upfront cost in 5 to 7 years of solar energy usage.

How to Know Best Solar Companies?

Focus on the best 10 solar installers in your part of Mississippi so it won’t be too challenging for you to choose. Local solar providers can be a good option since they are just a call away or it will be easier for you to cost their physical store. Almost all of them offer good solar panel system packages, however, it is fine to compare each one of them. You can get a quotation from several solar providers since you can see details of the solar panel system they offer on the quotation. Just take note that the cheapest is not always the best. You can go for the highest as long as the offer is good. You can also check on the Top models of solar panels installed in Mississippi 2021 to have an idea of which brand is the best among solar panels.

What Are The Incentives I Can Get When I Avail Solar Panel Installation?

In Mississippi, qualified residents can avail themselves of the federal solar tax credit if they decide to avail of solar panel installation. The federal solar tax credit is 26% of the cost of the solar panel installation. That is already a good start for an incentive you might not get this in cash but it will be credited in your annual tax liabilities, if there is excess it will be deducted again on the next tax calendar and so on until every cent is consumed. It will be better to have that solar panel installed before the end of the year 2022 since the federal solar credit will decrease to 22%.

Apart from the federal solar credit, you can also get an incentive from net metering. Net metering is connecting your solar panel system to the utility grid. Any excess energy produced by your solar panel system will be directed to the grid. How do you benefit from this? The solar energy is credited to you and can be used to pay off your electricity consumption taken from the grid. If you have zero bills then they can credit back the energy just in case you need it in the future.

What Are The Types Of Solar Panel Systems?

Grid-tied Solar System

This type of solar panel system is the one that is connected to the grid. This means you can use electricity from the grid just in case your solar panels cannot produce enough energy.

Hybrid Solar System

This type of solar system is also connected to the grid but is also attached to solar batteries which are responsible for storing excess energy collected for the sun during the day. The good thing about this system is you can utilize the energy saved from the battery before redirecting it to the grid. If the energy collected by the battery is not enough then that’s the time it will pull energy from the grid.

Off-Grid System

This type of solar system is solar panel dependent. It means the energy you will be using will only be coming from your solar panel system. So you should have enough solar panels to power your entire household.

Passive Solar Home

This solar panel system is designing your home to collect energy from the sun. The floors, walls, and windows will be designed to be able to collect energy from the sun. Although it is an expensive type of solar system, it can be a good investment.

Hope these Mississippi solar panels guide 2021 can help you decide the soonest to get that solar panel installation for your home.


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