Modern Products to Add to Your Home

November 3, 2021

When you choose to buy, rent, or build a new home, chances are you going to want to live in it for a relatively long time. Therefore, making it comfortable, with all the basic and modern products will likely be one of your aims. You don't have to be tech-savvy to love these cool modern products listed below, but they'll undoubtedly make life easier and of course more fun around the home. That said, here are some modern products to add to your home.


Shine Automatic Toilet Cleaner

If you hate cleaning toilets, then you can thank us later with this ultra-modern toilet care product. Considering that your first stop after leaving the bedroom in the morning is the toilet or bathroom, trust us you don't want to start the rest of an important day with a bad toilet experience.

The Shine Automatic Toilet Cleaner cleans your toilet automatically with an electrolyzed water tech, devoid of chemicals yet impressively active at destroying bacteria. Shine is super smart with remote control operation via smartphone or voice assistant. If you're planning any bathroom renovations, the Shine auto toilet cleaner should be an addition to your home.

21st-century Window Air Conditioner

We know air conditioning units have been around for a while, however, most traditional window units are known for their usual noise making and high electricity consumption. If you're all about energy savings, trust us, you should take advantage of this Midea air conditioning unit. It features an impressive noise-block technology, easy to install, and 355 reductions in energy use.

Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid Vacuum



The Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid Vacuum is a two-in-one robotic cleaner that sweeps and mops your floor. Yes, you read that correctly. It gets more impressive as you don't need to monitor its power utilization as it is a self-charging cleaner. Meaning, the device quickly recharges itself when the power runs out. This way, it can continue cleaning even when you're away.

AirSoap Air Purifier

Ensuring a high quality of the air you breathe in is undoubtedly a good way to invest in healthy leaving. AirSoap Air Purifier does that with a more efficient approach than conventional HEPA filters in the market. It kills 99 percent of the bacteria in the air around it and even viruses. The manufacturer claims it kills airborne viruses. What's more, with an impressive air-purifying coverage of 400sq ft, low noise operation, and only less than 10 parts per billion ozone emission, this is one addition you shouldn’t pass on this season of keeping safe.

Interactive Touchscreen Projector

If you want to have the best cinema experience by projecting movies on your wall while you lay on the bed, then this next product is just what you need. It's the Hachi Touchscreen Projector. This ingenious product comes furnished with a dual projector mode, i.e., horizontal and vertical. This way, you can display your files on the walls, floor, or ceiling. What's more, it's wireless and has an in-built speaker for streaming music.

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