More Than Locks: 5 Additional Services From A Residential Locksmith

November 9, 2021

Residential locksmiths are essential in keeping properties secure. Primarily, they install all sorts of security devices, from traditional padlocks to digital locks. They’re also the go-to professionals for emergency lockouts at home. What’s more, they can repair, replace, and rekey locks to maximize security.

Apart from those expectations, residential locksmiths have more to offer than what you already know they provide. They have a wide range of extra services for different purposes. Of course, most of them are carried out for the sake of improving home security. Keep reading if you want to learn more about them and perhaps request any of them soon.

1. Window And Door Frame and Grille Reinforcement

Professional locksmiths can reinforce doors and windows by installing high-security levers and handles. Some professionals can even weld and repair grilles and frames for better protection. However, homeowners have to make exit points accessible for fire safety.

Experts who can take on such jobs can be found in many locations. For instance, if you happen to be in North Melbourne or any of the areas nearby, you can contact a residential locksmith in North Melbourne to check your windows and doors. This way, you’d know if any of them needs either repair or reinforcement.

2. Safe Installation And Repair

In most cases, residential locksmiths are also capable of installing a safe in your residence. Having one is advisable for homeowners who want to protect valuable items against fire damage and theft. In choosing a safe, you may consider the following features:

  • Portability: Choose between easy-to-carry and heavy options.
  • Size: There are big safes for bulky valuables and small boxes for tiny essentials.
  • Lock Type: A safe may have push buttons or a digital lock.
  • Fire And Impact Resistance: Safes can withstand heat and physical blows to a particular degree.

Aside from that, locksmiths may assist you in repairing coffers. In addition, they can help open safes that have long been abandoned or whose combination you’ve already forgotten.

3. Sensor And Alarm Installation

Technological advances have led to the improvement of various security equipment. Because of this, locksmiths now offer and install different types of alarms. Here are some you can choose from should you decide to have one installed in your house:

  • Electric Current Alarm System: Generally, it’s installed in entry points such as doors and windows. In this system, the electric current flows once the windows and doors are shut. If the entry points are forced open, an alarm will sound off.
  • Wired Alarm System: This involves sensors that are connected to a monitoring center through telephone signals. It may require homeowners to check the connection from time to time. Typically, the lines can be cut or damaged by adverse weather conditions or burglars.
  • Wireless Sensors: These use radiofrequency transmitters and work in the same way as the other two alarm systems.

Apart from anti-burglar systems, some residential locksmiths install CCTV surveillance systems. These help reduce instances of break-ins and theft.

4. Intercom System Installation

There are locksmiths who can install intercom systems for the benefit of domestic security. This type of equipment ranges from audio-only models to options with video capabilities. It can be helpful if homeowners desire high-end security measures. With it, they can control whoever wants to go in and out of the property.

If you want an intercom on your property, you must first weigh the prices and features of each model. Think about how suitable they’d be for your home. Also, keep in mind that installing an intercom may sometimes require slight remodeling to make the system fit and function well.

5. Burglary Repairs

Break-ins often result in chaotic properties. In most cases, burglars break glass and damage homes. They could destroy locks, knobs, and sensors as well. When those happen, calling a residential locksmith could be the most appropriate option. Most locksmiths have tools for rekeying and replacing locks. They may use pick guns and tension tools to carry out burglary repairs.

If you require such services, think about the new security devices you want to install. The old ones may have been broken and proven ineffective against forced entries, so they need to be replaced at once. You can opt for a high-end alarm system and more secure deadbolts. They may be expensive, but they’re worth the price.

Wrapping Up

Locksmiths can help you ensure home security. Apart from offering key and lock services, they have the tools and skills to install safes and alarms. They may also reinforce windows and doors if that’s what your property needs.

Have there been frequent break-in attempts to your home? Are you situated in a place where burglary is rampant? What security systems and improvements do you want for your property? After answering those questions, you may get in touch with a residential locksmith to provide you with the right solutions to protect your house from intruders.


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One comment on “More Than Locks: 5 Additional Services From A Residential Locksmith”

  1. Thanks for explaining that installing sensors can also be done by locksmiths for residential homes. I'd like to know more about such services because I want to make sure that my home is a lot less prone to burglary. Some news about robberies in my city makes me a bit worried about my family's safety.

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