November 4, 2021


Moving from a well-established home to a not-so-established house is not an easy job. One has to do a lot of work to organize the new place according to their wishes. The formidable job of packing each and everything is the most time-consuming task of all. Sorting through items to keep or get rid of and looking for suitable packing materials requires hours, if not days.

Shifting with a large family is even more of a hassle than with a smaller one as each individual has their personal belongings, too, along with the shared household essentials. Fortunately, with some planning and employing a few tips, you can save time and make moving comparatively easier.

  1. Sort through your belongings

Before you even start packing, it's essential to sort through your belongings. You need to decide what to sell, throw or donate. You can throw out stuff that is in bad condition, sell or donate things you don't use, and recycle outdated items. Going the extra mile now will benefit you later on. After all, what is the use of packing, transporting, and unpacking stuff that will either clutter your new home or things you will eventually discard? None. Furthermore, decluttering now will allow you to keep your house moving cost to a minimum as there will be fewer boxes to shift.

2. Having a storage space

It’s essential to have a storage space to keep all your belongings safe during the moving process. Storage units help remove some of the stress of moving as they provide a secure place for your stuff during the whole shifting chaos. With more space available, you will be able to set up your new house more effectively.

3. Hire professional movers

Moving all by yourself is very exhausting, considering the packing and handling of belongings. Therefore, it’s best to hire an expert for stress-free relocation. Professional movers and home moving services in Toronto have the experience and training required for carefully packing, handling and transporting your belongings. These professionals also know how to protect and care for your belongings, heavy or fragile items.

4. Start packing

Once you have set the moving date, you immediately need to start preparing. If you have hired professionals, then the removal company will provide you with packing solutions. Otherwise, you need to handle that chore yourself. Go from room to room to create an action plan and jot down all the packing material you would require. There are multiple resources available online to guide you on how to securely pack your belongings for transportation.

5. Arrange all your utilities

Before moving, get your utilities set up, so you can quickly and painlessly settle into your new house. Make a checklist of various services needed at your new house. Basic utilities like water and sewer, gas, electricity, internet, trash pickup and recycling and home security are to be taken care of. If you are renting the place, ask your landlord whether the basic utilities are covered in the rent. If they are, chances are that you will not have to be responsible for installing them. If you are buying the house, you can inquire from the real estate agent about the service providers in your area. The installation of utilities can be taken care of through phone or internet. Undoubtedly, it's a major requirement that you cater to the necessary utilities before moving.

6. Label packing boxes

It is best to label boxes room-wise, so it's clear where the stuff belongs. You can write one-word descriptions on the boxes to help identify what's inside, like fragile, crockery, books, etc. You can also place colored stickers on the boxes to help categorize rooms.

7. Pack a bag of essentials

Pack everyday essentials in a bag to take with you on moving day. You won’t be able to unpack everything immediately, so it is imperative that you have the basics at hand, such as toiletries, phone chargers, change of clothes, and medicine. If you don't have basic medicine, order it right now from the medicine delivery app and get them as soon as possible.

8. Take photos

Take pictures of the cables while they are connected to your television or other electronics. It is an excellent way of keeping track of which wire goes where so you can quickly and easily connect everything after moving into your new house. Also, take photos of wall displays, shelving setups and ornament placement, so you can recreate them at your new place.

9. Update your address

Start updating your address with different services like the bank, car insurance, magazine subscriptions, etc. Also, get your patient records transferred to a local physician in the new area. You can fill out an online USPS form and update your current address to your new address. Updating addresses through USPS will save you from the hassle of updating all accounts individually.

Final Thoughts

Preparing for your move in advance will allow you to painlessly and immediately settle into your new house. Moving can be a strenuous task, but the whole process can become considerably easier if you have strategized your move beforehand and followed the tips listed above. Also, fortunately for you, having a larger family in this situation means that you will have more people to help you with the move, and you can use this as an excuse to spend time with them.


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