Redecorate and Sell Apartment in 5 Easy Steps

November 18, 2021

Home improvement is something you should consider before selling your home. Real estate agents’ general opinion is that a staged home sells better than undecorated living spaces.

Although paint colors are the last thing most potential buyers will consciously consider, because they can easily change them, aesthetics significantly affects the perception of the space. Therefore, if a room feels nice, this feeling might stick with them and be the turning point in their decision-making process.

In this article, you will find home staging tips to get an idea of simple steps you can make to improve the interior design and get a bang for your buck.

What Is Home Staging and Why Is It Important?

Home staging is more than fine decorations. You can understand it as a form of marketing: its purpose is to speak to a particular group of people and make your offer stand out.

Home is probably the most important place in our lives. People want a place that will make them feel comfy and safe. On the other hand, buying a house or a flat is stressful, as quality living spaces are rare and expensive. Before making a final decision, people are seeing many places, constantly looking for attractive loan and mortgage rates, comparing deals, etc.

Essentially, you want to present your flat to potential buyers in the best possible light. You want to show them how great of a place it is, and why it is worthy of their hard-earned money.

Home Staging Tips

Luckily, home staging is easy to do, and it takes only a little bit of effort to spruce up your home and make it ready for sale. Here are some hints of what you could do.

Clear Up the Mess

It is self-evident that you should vacuum and dust the space before letting potential buyers see it. Clearing up the mess is more than that. It also means making any necessary home repairs such as unclogging a non-draining sink.

Some clearing up will also imply smaller investments. It would be a pity to have hardwood floors, and not polish them before selling the place. You, of course, don’t need to go that far, but it would look great and it would be impossible for buyers not to notice such effort.

Remove Personal Items

Removing your seasonal clothes from the closets is a good idea before you let potential buyers see the place. You want to allow them to see themselves in this place, and this can be hard if your bachelor’s diploma or family photos are hanging on the walls.

Set Up the Greenery

Nice and thoughtful details are deal-breakers when it comes to internal design. Having some rare houseplants around could be a good idea, for example. It would not only leave an impression of a nurturing home but also send some creative vibes.

If you feel really inspired, you can also use some essential oils, air fresheners, or humidifiers to bring extra freshness to the space.

Set Up the Lights

Installing light fixtures such as stylish chandeliers and groovy lamps are great ways to create an appealing atmosphere. They also reveal the colors and inner design in a better way.

Besides, the lights don’t only make the inner space comfy. Garden deck lighting or string lights can also enhance the curb appeal.

Make The Entrance Welcoming

When the gate doors open, the house should feel welcoming and hospitable to make a good first impression. The gate and the front door should be perfect. Make sure that

  • it is freshly painted
  • the handle is working
  • the key isn’t sticking
  • there’s no squeaking or scratching

If you are a fan of details, and especially if it is holidays, you can also put a nice wreath on the door to liven up the entry space.

Bottom Line

If you are selling your house, flat, or condo, you naturally want to get the best possible price for it. In order to achieve this, you want to show future owners all the potential the space has. Therefore, make it clean and tidy, and arrange some thoughtful details in order to point out the upsides and cover any downsides of the residence.

While you are staging your home for sale, keep in mind who you are offering it to. For example, if your place is more likely to appeal to families, you want plants and comfy details all around. On the other hand, if it is for single people or young couples, you could maybe point out the lights - good for either work, study or party.

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