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Shop the best 4 burner gas hob online on EMI


A 4 or 5 burner gas hob has versatility because you can prepare more than one dish at a time. This can come in handy, particularly when you have many guests at home and you want to simultaneously cook more than one dish with the help of your partner. You can get 4-burner gas hobs at discounts when you buy them in online stores. If you want added savings, then shopping on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store is a good path to take. The following are some of the popular 4-burner gas hobs you can purchase on EMI.

Bosch Built-in gas hob POH6B6B10I

This 4 burner gas hob from Bosch is one of the sleekest looking gas hobs you will find in India. It has a premium finish that makes it look super elegant and the toughened glass top makes it even better. Its spill-proof design ensures you have less mess to clean up after a long day of cooking. This gas hob has a euro-coated grid that lifts the appearance of the hob and makes the kitchen look more beautiful. The stainless-steel plating and heavy brass burners ensure incredible performance and durability. The manual ignition hob ensures better safety.

Whirlpool Elite Hybrid HD 704 gas hob

4 Burner gas stove has 2 small and 2 medium burners, so you can cook various dishes in one go. The cooktop is made of toughened glass for easy clean-up. The heat resistant knobs are made to be long-lasting and highly durable. This gas hob’s sleek and dark design will blend in any kitchen, making it a great pick for any type of kitchen. The auto-ignition feature means goodbye to lighters and match sticks that prolong the time spent cooking. This gas hob is among the safest in the country.

Glen 1074 SQ gas hob

When you need a 4-burner hob that goes well with any type of kitchen, this is it. It has double ring brass burners that improve the efficiency of the burners. It also has sturdy knobs to avoid accidentally turning on the flame when you brush past the hob. The gas hob has a laid-back look which makes it excellent for Indian kitchens where many meals are cooked every day. It has enamel-coated MS support which ensures you can use heavy pans and vessels with ease. It also comes with an autoignition facility.

iBELL 555GH gas hob

This 4 burner gas hob from iBell is an excellent one with proper spacing between the different burners. The stainless-steel product is built to be long-lasting, and the four brass burners ensure better cooking. This gas hob has been certified by ISI and so it is among the most reliable gas hobs in India at present. The price of this gas hob is also at the lower end, so if you are shifting from a gas stove to a gas hob, this can be a good place to start. The look of the glass hob is simplistic and classy, which enables efficient cooking at all times.

Elica Hob 4 Italian gas hob

This Italian gas hob design is for those who care more about efficiency than looks. While the gas hob looks simple, its performance speaks for itself. The slim look of the gas hob ensures it can easily blend with your kitchen interiors and provide the perfect platform for you to cook in. The Italian Sabaf burners ensure durability and class. The gas hob is very easy to clean because of the glass surface. With the two knobs on one side and the other two on the other side, it makes cooking on all four burners at once hassle-free.

Wonderchef Octavia gas hob

For those who want a gas hob that shines like the rest of their kitchen, this one from Wonderchef is a great choice that you won’t regret. Its superior performance ensures uniform heating so that you can cook more than one meal at a time. The square drip tray adds to the charm of this gas hob and provides easy cleaning. The gas burners pop against the black backdrop of the glass hob top. It also comes with metal knobs and an anti-rust cast aluminium tube. These make it a breeze for you to cook and it looks wonderful.

If a 4 burner gas hob was always your dream, then now is the time to get it from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store Store. This online marketplace provides offers and deals throughout the year so that you can save money with every purchase. With a zero down payment feature on many products, you know that you can buy gas hob now and pay later conveniently. The Bajaj Finserv EMI Store also comes with No Cost EMIs for you to pay a small amount every month without paying any interest.



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