Sun Joe Pressure Washer Troubleshooting?

November 4, 2021

Do you have a problem with your Sun Joe pressure washer troubleshooting? Here are three frequent pressure washer repair issues, as well as solutions.

Is your pressure washer giving you trouble and you don’t know Sun Joe pressure washer troubleshooting? Issues can emerge with any sort of power tool. We'll guide you through a number of typical problems and teach you how to solve them in the best manner possible. Your Sun Joe pressure washer should be restored in working order by the end!

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The Engine Won't Start


If the engine won't start after a lengthy period of sitting and you know it's sparking and has enough oil, the carburetor is likely clogged with old gasoline. Allow a little old fuel to dribble out by opening the carburetor drain plug.

If it still won't start after you've tightened everything up and checked the oil, choke, and other things, you may have a partial blockage in the carburetor passages. The carburetor must be removed and disassembled before it can be cleaned with a carburetor cleaner. If you're not comfortable taking apart and reassembling small, critical pieces, don't do this on your own.

The Pressure Is Pulsing


This typically implies that your pump's intake, manifold, or valves have been damaged. Try dismantling your pump and cleaning the inlet manifold's components. If this does not address the problem, the components may need to be replaced or the nozzle cleaned.

To eliminate mineral deposits, clean the pressure washer wand nozzle with a vinegar solution. Turn off the water but not the pressure washer, then lift the trigger to release any trapped air. If none of these suggestions work, the pump may be broken and has to be replaced.

Water Is Leaking From The Pump


The fittings are the most typical source of leaks. Make sure all of the fittings are secure.

For parts or service, contact your local service facility. Although difficult to install yourself, if you want to save money on servicing, you may manage it. It is, however, typically preferable to take the equipment to a local service shop.

Because water expands when it freezes, there's a risk the water will break the pump if it was kept in cold temperatures. Do not attempt to repair the problem yourself; instead, take the equipment to your local service facility for safety concerns.

With other problems, please watch this video: Sun Joe Pressure Washer Repair - Won't Turn on and Spray


If you're not a skilled repair person and you've tried all of these Sun Joe pressure washer troubleshooting tips, it's time to seek assistance or replace it with a new pressure washer. More extensive repairs and replacement parts may be required for your electric pressure washer.

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