Tell-Tale Signs You Need Boiler and Furnace Repairs

November 9, 2021

Winter is looming, and it’s an ideal time to get outdoor boilers and furnaces checked before freezing temperatures hit. In this guide, we’ll outline some common warning signs to look out for.

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Tell-tale signs you need boiler and furnace repairs

Every homeowner wants to feel warm, cosy and comfortable during the winter months. Sadly, boilers and furnaces are not immune to breakdowns and faults, and often, they occur when you need your heating systems the most. In many cases, there are warning signs to look out for. If you spot any of these red flags, don’t hesitate to contact reputable, reliable companies like City Home Comfort.

Frequent breakdowns

Frequent breakdowns are one of the most obvious signs that a furnace or boiler is on its last legs. If you can’t rely on your heating system and you are paying for recurrent repairs, it is wise to consider replacing your furnace or boiler. This will save you money in the long term and prevent you from worrying about getting cold in the winter.

Unexpected increases in your heating bills

Most homeowners have a budget, and during the winter months, energy costs can increase. It is common to spend more on heating when it’s cold outside, but if you notice that your bills have rocketed, or you are spending a lot more than usual, it’s beneficial to schedule an appointment with a heating engineer. There could be issues with your system that are affecting performance and increasing expenditure. In many cases, it’s possible to repair faulty boilers and furnaces or adjust the settings to save money, but if the boiler is old, it may be better to replace it with a more energy-efficient unit.

Old age

Boilers and furnaces don’t last forever. As they get older, you may find that performance levels drop and the risk of breakdowns increases. If you get to the stage when you are paying a lot of money for repairs, you may be advised to consider investing in a new furnace or boiler. Typically, boilers last for 10-15 years.

Unusual noises

Abnormal, unusual noises can be symptomatic of boiler and furnace issues. If you hear sounds coming from your heating units, it’s a good idea to get them checked out. There could be a simple fix, which will prevent the situation from getting worse, or you may need to think about replacing an old boiler.

No heating

If you have no heating or hot water at all, check the control panel for warning lights and read the instruction manual. If you cannot find a solution, seek assistance from a company that offers emergency boiler and furnace repairs.


There are few things that are worse than your boiler breaking in the depths of winter. As temperatures start to tumble, it’s an excellent idea to schedule a routine service and to get any warning signs checked out. If you need boiler or furnace repairs, it’s best to act now before it gets any colder.


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