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Top Destinations to Visit in Mexico

A favorite destination for people around the globe in Mexico. Not only do people from North America love visiting this country, but more and more people from across the pond are starting to see the appeal as well.

When you consider all Mexico has to offer, it’s clear why it’s such a popular vacation destination. No matter how you visit, by taking Mexico cruises or driving across the border, some of the top places to visit during your time here are found below.  Knowing where to go and what to see will ensure you have a great time.


Cancun attracts more than five million visitors per year, making it one of the biggest tourist destinations in the area. However, while the numbers are big, you will likely not catch too many crowds thanks to the wide beaches and crystal-clear water that stretch as far as the eyes can see.

Along with the beaches, Cancun also offers many other fun things to do, such as stingray and dolphin swims, snorkeling among the tropical fish and reefs, and scuba diving in the biggest underwater museum in the world.

You can also visit the ancient Mayan ruins here, with some within walking distance of the beach.

Puerto Vallarta

Another popular destination in Mexico is Puerto Vallarta, which is located on the Pacific coast. Sometimes called just “Vallarta,” the city was first seen on the radar for vacationers in the 1960s as a playground for the social elite traveling to the area. It’s also popular for foreigners who are searching for a second home in a warmer and sunnier climate. Some of the parts of this area are still untouched by modern development.

Today, there are countless things to do in Puerto Vallarta, and the city is quite attractive to those taking a cruise to the area. Here you can swim with the dolphins, go jet skiing, or even paragliding.

If you want to have a vacation that moves slower, you can go shopping and enjoy the many opportunities for arts and crafts.

Cabo San Lucas

If you plan to go almost as far south as possible, then visit Los Cabos, which is commonly called just “Cabo” and one of the top beach destinations in Mexico. Considered one of the largest coastlines in the entire country, San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are known as the Los Cabos Corridor or the Corredor Turistico.

Several resorts have popped up recently that cater to all budgets and tastes, from luxurious golf and spa properties. It’s a great place to visit, but it usually requires a bigger budget than some of the other locations, so be sure to keep this in mind if you plan to visit the area.

Copper Canyon

One of the most northern states in Mexico, Chihuahua shares a border with New Mexico in the United States. It is one of the most visited natural attractions, thanks to the beautiful Copper Canyon.

Found in the Sierra Madre Occidental region and made up of deeper canyons, Copper Canyon is deeper and larger than the better-known Grand Canyon. The name was derived from the copper green coloring found along the steep canyon walls. The structures were created by the convergence of six rivers in the Rio Fuerte before ending in the Gulf of California.

Planning a Trip to Mexico

When it comes to visiting Mexico, there are more than a few places to go and see. Be sure to keep the destinations here in mind to ensure that you can enjoy your trip, regardless of what you plan to do or where you plan to go. All the things to do here will be extremely memorable, regardless of what area you plan to visit. Be sure to explore as much as you can and get the most out of this region. It will be an unforgettable trip and one you want to take again thanks to all there is to do and see.


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