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Use the Lift and make the process easier and perfect

The router lift enables the user to make adjustments on bit-height from top of the table. When there is the lift the motor of the router can be adjusted and released with no groping under the table. Router bits can be conveniently changed when the router has a lift. By using lift the router bit depth can be set precisely while using the router table. It will be very easy to fine-tune the router bit depth when the lift raises and lowers the router. Fine-tuning of router bit depth exactly is very important for success of the project. The lift of the router consists of a router table mounting plate with a carriage attached to it to hold the router. The carriage is raised and lowered with maximum precision by a removable crank handle which inserts into the mounting plate. The lift is essential to set up the router table with perfection. The lift functions just like an elevator for the router. The lift is attached to the router table top and the router mounts to the lift. The lift is provided with a micro-adjustment dial and a crank is inserted into this dial. When the router is to be raised or lowered the crank is to be turned right or left.

Advantages of lift

When the router moves up and down one can raise the lift. This will enable the user to change the router bits easily topside. It will be more convenient to make adjustments. This feature enables the user to set the bits always to the same height. When the router has this feature one can straightaway make the stiles and rails for panel doors without making test cuts every time. Making bit height adjustments possible from the top of the router table is the great advantage of the lift. The lift is essential for a workshop to ensure accuracy and also ensures easy and fast repeatability. Professional wood workers cannot afford to run their workshop without the lift. Elimination of test cuts and proper adjustment of the router bits are the direct advantages of using the lift. When you use the lift bit changes will be easier and also it will eliminate backlash. Lift will also ensure safety in the workshop.

Buy or make from scratch

Those who require lift for their workshop may either purchase a pre-designed lift or make a lift from scratch. Lifts are quite expensive. So, those who want to buy the lift may have to spend substantial amount of money. Digital lift will be costlier. Those who opt to build their lift can save money. Only few materials are to be procured for making a lift. Those who know how to make a good lift can make lifts for others also and can earn an income. When there is no lift in the workshop, raising and lowering the router will be a miserable task. The entire operation becomes easier and more comfortable when the router is mounted on the lift carriage and the lift is installed on the router table or on the work bench. There is a lead screw which is kept above the insert plate of the lift. Just by adjusting the lead screw the bit height can be adjusted easily and with precision.

Benefits of the Lift

  1. When there is the lift you need not struggle under the router table to adjust the router bit height.
  2. Lift makes bits changing fast and safe. When there is the lift bit changes can be made from upper side of the workbench. This will make the woodworking project easier and faster. When you have the lift you can avoid changing the bits from below the router table.

  3. Micro-adjustments with accuracy

Lift enables the woodworker to make accurate bit adjustments through super accurate micro-adjustments.


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