When Is a Crawler Crane Needed For Your Project

November 30, 2021

When you bid on a job, you have to be able and prepared to meet the demands of the project. Different types of job sites may require more advanced and powerful pieces of equipment to handle big tasks.

If you are working on any job that requires the lifting of heavy loads across large distances or heights, then a high-capacity crawler crane could be the perfect solution.

What Is a Crawler Crane?

A crawler crane is a powerful type of equipment that can do much more than other cranes. It consists of a far-reaching arm, or boom, that is mounted onto the undercarriage. It has cables that help to move the designated load. There is a fully enclosed cab to keep the operator safe and comfortable.

The crawler crane is capable of safely and easily moving across unstable terrain due to the tracks it moves around on. They keep it stable and highly mobile in nearly any environment, including soft ground. These tracks also go by the name of crawlers, giving this crane its name. There is an enclosed cab to keep the operator safe and comfortable.

Which Projects and Job Sites Require a Crawler Crane?

When you are considering what equipment needs your job requires, keep a crawler crane in mind for anything that involves lifting heavy loads and moving across rough terrain. Here are some of the most common uses for the crawler crane:

  • Projects that require a long vertical reach, such as building bridges or conducting repairs
  • Shaft excavation
  • Pile driving and other foundation work
  • Caissons
  • Steel erection
  • Utility work for power lines, new installation of gas lines or oil industry equipment
  • Water tank construction
  • Mining
  • Tunnelling
  • Most general construction jobs demand capabilities to lift huge loads

Crawler cranes can also be a great option for agricultural work. The rough and often muddy ground is no deterrent for the powerful crane that can remain steady and stable, even during inclement weather. If there is a possibility that you will require greater height capacity than is provided with a regular crane, along with a longer reaching boom and extreme weight lifting capabilities, then a crawler crane is the best choice.

What Are the Benefits of Equipment Hire?

If you need a piece of equipment for a job that is outside of your normal range, you probably don't need to invest in purchasing one of your own. This is the perfect time to hire your equipment, and a great way to get some experience using various types of equipment before you move forward with making a purchase.

You will save yourself a lot of money in overhead costs that you can invest in other tools, materials, or necessities to run and even expand your company. There is also the fact that hiring the equipment you need for the length of a project prevents you from needing to arrange storage space.

One of the most difficult aspects of crawler cranes is transportation. Check with your equipment hire company to verify if they offer delivery or require you to pick up the crane. Due to the sheer size, it is normally dismantled to be moved and then put back together on the job site.

There is a wide variety of hydraulic crane models available to choose from for crane hire. Select the right piece of equipment based on your needs and lifting requirements. Smaller cranes are great to use in compact spaces like projects in the heart of the city or on industrial and construction sites where you need to keep out of the way of other activities or building structures. They can be easily manouvred into tight spaces and out-of-the-way areas.

Check out the special features of the crawler crane model you are considering. Some have the added safety of a stability sensor to prevent the crane from turning over during operation. Others have the ability to easily install a searcher hook or a fly jib to increase the height or radius of the crane capabilities. Still others have advanced technology that lets you choose if you operate the crane from the cab or by remote control.

Consider all your options carefully when you are looking at equipment for hire. Check out the job site and determine the types of tasks that will need to be done so you can select the best machinery and tools for the project.


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