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Why Students Prefer Luxury Apartments

Going off to campus means leaving everything you know for a new environment. While some kids are happy to stay in the dorm rooms, others prefer a luxurious approach. While dorm rooms deliver when it comes to on-campus accommodation, there are many things you will have to compromise on. If you want to live comfortably while on campus, you might want to think about luxury apartments. What started a while back to ensure students who could afford it were well accommodated has spread around so many campuses. Here are the reasons why most students prefer luxury apartments

More Space

When you arrive in the campus dorm, the first thing that you notice is how small the whole room is. You will get two twin beds in the space and a little reading area between the beds if you are lucky. There are dorm rooms that come with bunk beds which means you will be squeezed together. On the other hand, if you go to a luxury apartment like Jardine, you will get double the space you get in a dorm room, and you do not have to share it with someone else. There is space for you to sit and read and even have friends over without feeling cramped up. Many of the students who leave their dorm rooms for luxury apartments do so for this reason.

Fully Furnished

The other reason why more students prefer luxury apartments is, they come fully furnished. You do not have to figure out whether you should get your own TV set because there is only one common room. You also don’t need to carry any utensils with you as you move in. The rooms come with beds, mattresses, electric appliances, and everything else that would make you feel like you are getting your money’s worth. They make the perfect accommodation for anyone who might be coming to the campus from a distant place. They are also perfect if you do not want to move around with many things. Some apartments will even stock your fridge for you at an extra fee which beats the trouble of having to shop all the time.

They Are Serviced

Even though dorm rooms are sometimes serviced, only the common areas are taken care of. You have to ensure your laundry is done and your room is clean. With luxury apartments, all that is taken care of. You can have someone come in and do your laundry as well as clean up the apartment for you. Make sure that you pay the extra service fee. In the event that you want to do things for yourself, the apartments have a laundry area loaded with washing machines, so you do not have to pay a Laundromat to have your clothes cleaned. This will help you concentrate better in your classes, especially if you have a tight schedule.

Fitness and Wellness Centers

Campus can be stressful at times. You find yourself moving around from one class to another and doing more assignments than you have ever done in your life. You need to study for the exam, submit your projects and maintain your social life. If you are not keen, you might end up feeling so overwhelmed. It makes sense if you get a way to let go of all that stress. Luxury apartments help with that. Most of them come with indoor gyms and swimming pools as well as a sports area. If you just want to relax and let go of the tension your body has been holding up. You can head into the spa and have a relaxing session with professionals. While it might not be something you do every day, it will definitely help you relax and deal with your stress better.

Student luxury apartments have been around for a while, and they go to show that dorm rooms are not all there is to go to college. One can get a great place off-campus to stay and get to class but still feel like they are in their home away from home. The perks the apartment comes with will reduce homesickness and help you concentrate on your studies better.


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