10 Actionable Ideas for Luxury Real Estate Marketing that You Can Use Today!

December 15, 2021

Marketing luxury homes is a different ball game compared to other segments in real estate. To begin with, it requires a very different approach to push a luxury real estate listing to the right buyers The level of commitment needed is higher, the channels of communication are different, and the buyer expectations are different. In this article, we will present ten unique, actionable ideas that can help you market luxury real estate listings better –

  1. Develop and Establish Marketing Channels - Marketing channels in luxury real estate are different from other markets. To make your listing stand out in the luxury real estate market, get active on social media and enhance the reach for your listing. Include real estate 3D rendering by Styldod or virtual tours to allow your users to visualize the property better.
  2. Develop a Single Property Website – Develop an exclusive landing page for your listing. Showcase the link to this website on all possible channels including social media, digital adverts, and print media. Think of it as a one-stop solution for potential buyers to view all the details about the property.
  3. Featured Listings in the Newspaper – Go all out with print media. The section of society that shops for luxury real estate still reads the newspaper. Choose a prominent and respectful national and international newspaper to advertise in. Feature a double-page spread with all the details of the luxury home listing to capture your audience's attention.
  4. Create a Digital Storybook – Storytelling is an essential part of marketing today. In real estate, digital storybooks can significantly impact your audience. Hire a creative team to produce a digital storybook that features your luxury home as the main character. A professionally created storybook can be compelling, immersive, interactive, and highly emotive.
  5. Shake Up Your Direct Mail Strategy–Research and revamp your direct mail strategy for luxury real estate marketing. Be creative, use premium materials, and offer value to make your mail stand out from the rest. Do more to instill familiarity and trust. Use QR codes to enable buyers to reach your property website directly.
  6. Professional Staging–Even though professional staging seems expensive, it is an investment worth making in luxury real estate. Highlight the home's best features, mask the lesser desirable features, and all your potential buyers visualize themselves living in that home.
  7. Hire a Professional Writer – Content is king, even in luxury real estate advertising. Hire a professional writer who can create engaging descriptions for your potential buyers. The words you use in your listing could be the difference between online traffic and a showing.
  8. Property Video Tours – Virtual tours are a fun and interactive way to showcase your property online. Especially in times of COVID, people may not be willing to visit every property they find interesting. In that case, a property video tour can give them a fair idea of the property's features, pros, and cons.
  9. Launch Your Luxury Real Estate Advertising – Sometimes, using unconventional marketing channels in luxury real estate marketing – can be a winning move. Launch a campaign focused on the channels of marketing that work for the uber-rich audience. Find exclusive print publications or magazines that your audience reads, or find out where they spend their time online.
  10. Host an Event – Use your luxury home to host an event that people from your target audience are likely to attend. Invite all your high net worth contacts to participate in the event and let them experience the property in all its glory at the event. Creative ideas such as charity events or exhibitions may be fruitful for this idea.

All the above ideas are quick, unique, and actionable for luxury real estate marketing. Try some of the above to find qualified buyers, and improve your reputation in the luxury real estate segment to boot. Here are the highest paying real estate affiliate programs to join in 2022, to earn extra money! If you have any new luxury real estate marketing ideas, let us know!



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