10 Easy Fruit And Vegetables To Start Growing With Your Child.

December 21, 2021

It is never too early to educate your children on where their food actually comes from, and one of the easiest ways that you can do this is by planting a garden with them. It does not matter whether you are someone who has a particularly big garden or if you can only utilize pots, there are a lot of different fruits and vegetables which you can grow with your kids.

This will not be something that just teaches your kids about where their food comes from, but it can also encourage kids to eat different fruits and vegetables. Growing their own foods will help encourage them and get them especially excited about trying their own grown produce. Here we have 10 delicious fruits and vegetables which you and your kids will enjoy growing.

  1. Strawberries - you will be pleased to know that strawberries can happily grow in pots which you can buy here https://harpersnurseries.com/best/strawberry-planters/ and these plants will spread and multiply pretty substantially!
  2. Blueberries - you should find that blueberries will typically grow on bushes which can become taller than any member of the family, and they will bear a lot of blueberries. This is a plant that could end up taking up a lot of space. But, there are some blueberries that can grow in pots. You just have to do your research first.
  3. Green beans - with enough watering, green beans will be able to grow well and they will also be able to grow pretty rapidly too. Green beans will be tasty raw and they can also be used in a side dish - kids will especially enjoy heading out to pick these too.
  4. Broccoli - this is a pretty notorious vegetable that kids tend to turn their noses up at. However, a great way to encourage your kids to eat broccoli is if they can grow it themselves. Do not worry - broccoli is especially easy to grow and it does not have an especially long season so you can add this to your garden to encourage your kids to enjoy eating them. This plant does not need a lot of space to grow so you will not have to worry about dedicating a great deal of space to this plant.
  5. Cucumbers - we all know that cucumbers are not really the most flavorful vegetables to try, they are especially crisp and they are especially refreshing. Cucumbers can also grow to be very long and this will draw kids in too. You could even allow your kids to grow their own cucumber plants and then they can have a competition for who can grow the longest cucumber.
  6. Tomatoes - there are a whole host of different tomatoes which you can decide to plant, and if you have a big garden you might still want to plant your tomatoes on your decking or on your patio area. This will be a much more convenient access so that you can always grab them to add to salads or you can enjoy them as snacks.
  7. Sweet corn - here’s the thing, sweet corn is by no means the easiest vegetable to grow but if you succeed in growing them you will see that it is well worth the work that it takes. It is true that the best kind of corn is that which is plucked right from your garden - and you can then eat this immediately. As you know, sweet corn is really versatile and it can be eaten in a lot of different ways. Growing sweetcorn is slightly trickier but it will be a great learning experience for you and also your kids to enjoy.
  8. Pumpkins - going to a pumpkin patch during the fall is fun, but it would be so much more rewarding if you could have your own pumpkins from your own garden. The only downside with pumpkins is that they need a decent amount of space in order to be able to grow properly.
  9. Snap peas - sugar snap peas are pretty fast growing and they are great for kids to get involved with because they will be able to see the vegetables grow a lot faster than other plants. Snap peas are also pretty sweet and this makes them great as raw snacks or as a part of a meal.
  10. Watermelon - these might not quite be the same as the watermelon that you find in a grocery store, but you will definitely be able to grow your own sweet and tasty watermelon which will be approximately the same size as a cantaloupe in your back garden.


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