3 Ways A Locksmith Can Keep Your Property Secure

December 31, 2021

Securing a property is equivalent to one's feeling of safety. If you know you’ve made the necessary steps to secure your homes and belongings, you can rest easy and have peace of mind. If you want an extra measure of security for your property, you might want to hire a locksmith.

A locksmith is a professional who makes, fixes, and installs security and alarm systems. They are somebody you need to contact to guarantee your home's security is fortified. According to statistics, over 1.7 million burglaries happen in the United States every year. Additionally, 25% or almost half a million burglaries occur during the day.

Burglars don't even need to wait for it to be dark to do their deed. Between 2019 and 2020, there has been a rise in property crimes. Studies have shown that 75% of this is due to homeowners lacking a home security system. Even if the crime occurred in the home, there's a 51% chance for the crime to happen again. Moreover, these burglars have been savvy and knowledgeable with their craft. They might be also aware of how it takes six weeks to file an insurance claim successfully and for all stolen items to be replaced.

Although, you don't have to let those crooks outsmart you. You have to secure your property and here are ways a locksmith can help you with your concern.

  1. Install Security Systems And Devices in Your Home

Locksmiths have several mechanisms, devices, and security systems that can be installed in your homes. This is to ensure that your property is safe and protected from any break-ins and attempts from attackers. Some of the security systems they can install includes:

  • Surveillance System In Your Entire Property

Even when you're away, say on a vacation or an out-of-town trip with your family. You can stay focused and enjoy your rest and recuperation without having to worry about your home if you have a surveillance system installed.

Your home surveillance system may include several cameras on strategic locations, door and window sensors, a high decibel siren or alarm, and some yard signs and stickers indicating that the home has security cameras installed. This will deter burglars from even trying. Professional locksmiths can do the job for you in a fast and efficient manner. You may contact Flat Rate Locksmith - Smyrna and other companies if you need these services.

  • Biometric Locks For Your Doors

There will be times you will forget your keys, lose them, or even damage them, like the scenarios mentioned in this article, causing you to get locked out of your home. To prevent this from happening, have biometric locks installed in your home. Biometric locks utilize thermal or optical scanners to store fingerprints of anyone authorized to unlock your door. This modern and hassle-free way of securing one's home gives the highest security solution for you.

  • Locks For Your Outdoor Properties

Sometimes you put prized possessions in your shed and your garage, and frequently you forget about it. Securing your shed and garage is also essential as they could have your prized possessions and could also be an entry point in your home.

  • Mailbox Locks

Your mailbox is an integral part of your home and should also be secured. Many relevant account information can be retrieved in your mail and be an opportunity for thieves to steal your identity. Imagine making sophisticated efforts in securing your bank information and your social security online by changing passwords and applying all sorts of protection. Not securing your mailbox would waste all your efforts to safeguard your accounts.

2. Rekey Cylinder Locks And Bolts

If you lose or have your keys stolen, you need to have your cylinder locks and bolts rekeyed. You just never know who could have gotten your keys or where you could have left them. It's safer for you to contact your locksmith immediately to have the locks and bolts rekeyed so you can sleep better at night.

Rekeying locks and bolts may be a complicated job for somebody without the appropriate know-how but a locksmith can effortlessly accomplish the task for you.

  1. Replace Deadbolts

Deadbolts that were installed incorrectly will cause a huge problem for your security. If the installed deadbolt doesn’t fit appropriately with your door frame, an intruder can easily and successfully pick on it. Moreover, they could be inside your home in a matter of minutes.

A few years of use can also wear your deadbolts, they will loosen and rust and will weaken thus compromising your home security. Malfunctioning deadbolts can decrease the protection of your home. It’s not an easy task to replace deadbolts and you have to be certain you’re using the correct cylinder for the type of door you have. A professional locksmith can install deadbolts properly for the doors of your home to guarantee your home and family's security.


Many burglars are so experienced and skilled that it only takes them a short time to study the details of your home and create a plan. You must guarantee you have taken all the necessary steps to secure your home. This will give you a sense of calmness and tranquility even when you're away, something which money can't easily buy. A professional locksmith is certified, experienced, and qualified to take on the job of fortifying your home security for you and your family's protection.

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