4 Home Building Supplies That Must Be On Your Checklist

December 27, 2021

Constructing a home from scratch comes with an ultimate benefit that allows you to achieve your dream home precisely according to your preferences. You get to decide all of its details and what supplies and materials to use. However, one crucial requirement before partaking in your home building construction is to understand what home building supplies would best fit your residential property.

You can start by creating a checklist of the different construction materials to use. With the innovation of the construction industry, you’ll have access to a plethora of choices for each type of component. For instance, visiting reliable construction vendors like Bernardi Building Supply or other local hardware stores will allow you to select the best brand, model, design, or features for your glass, bricks, or masonry needs.

To begin your home construction journey, include the following supplies on your checklist.

  1. Lumber

The natural advantages of wood can't be overstated. First, there's no denying the fact that they look great for whatever home theme you have. Whether you want to design a cottage, contemporary, craftsman, farmhouse, or cape cod, wood is an essential construction material that elevates everything else. For many houses in rural areas, wood construction has been the primary construction method. Wood is solid, lightweight, and self-supporting.

Wood is also electrically resistant and is safer and more stable to use on houses. Furthermore, they absorb sound, making them a perfect material even for urban homes and office environments. As a bonus, wood provides a calm and relaxing vibe and doesn't ever fail in contributing to your property's curb appeal.

However, before building your home from scratch and deciding to go for lumber through and through, you need to be aware that cutting trees would lead to deforestation and that they may suffer from wear and tear over time, so you need to either renovate your home or maintain the lumber quality regularly.

  1. Steel

Alloys of iron and carbon are combined to create steel. But it also contains other alloy materials to make it stronger and more fracture-resistant. Steel is now a standard construction material, and it's hard to ignore when your area or neighborhood is filled with condominiums and high-rise buildings. Needless to say, steel construction's time has arrived. Most modern homes and apartments use steel as a key material for building structures and frames of the property.

Because chromium is added to stainless steel, it resists corrosion and oxidation. The structural engineers use it in tall modern buildings and extensive industrial facilities because it’s vital for its size and weight. However, its price is higher than that of other metals, but it's worth the investment considering how much weight capacity and sturdiness it offers. To support the actual load on the house, structural engineers can determine which sizes are most cost-effective to use. Furthermore, the installation of steel is faster than that of concrete. Any environment can be used with it.

  1. Glass

Urban dwellings can benefit from the elegant look provided by glass. Hence, many modern buildings come with this construction material these days. The exterior looks fantastic and it’s lighter, provides privacy, and is UV resistant. However, you must equally consider their downsides, such as they could be priced higher than other construction supplies.

They also require routine care and maintenance and may sometimes yield to security issues because your office or home will be transparent from outside. These days, many commercial buildings have glass walls. For walling, it’s cheaper than concrete but never as durable as concrete. They’re also popular choices for skyscrapers and hotels because of their aesthetics.

  1. Concrete

As a composite material, concrete is made from fine and coarse aggregates, bonded together with a liquid binder such as cement which cures or hardens over time. Typically, buildings and houses use concrete because of its robustness. They last long and are strong enough to withstand natural disasters and calamities. However, this doesn't guarantee your home to be entirely invincible for strong earthquakes, fire, and typhoon surges.

The strength of concrete varies according to the mix. Suppliers provide materials to the concrete industry, and the concrete mix is tested for strength. It’s possible to pour concrete into forms of any shape so you can use it flexibly in your home. It’s also an ideal option for your home foundation due to its versatility, cost, and strength.


A construction project's success greatly depends on the choice of building materials. When constructing your dream home, you should consult engineers and architects to analyze which materials will be most effective. It’s also vital to select the right supplier to acquire suitable building materials. Find the best suppliers and make sure your materials are delivered on time when you work with them.

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