5 Basic Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Basement Safe and Dry

December 13, 2021


It is no secret that houses may experience a malfunction or damage over time. Whether it is a cracked foundation, clogged gutters or water leakage, these problems should be addressed immediately in order to avoid the development of further issues around the house. This rule applies to every part of the home, including the basement.

A wet basement can create the perfect conditions for bacteria and mold to thrive in, leading to various health hazards. It can also damage priceless family heirlooms and sentimental treasures that can’t be replaced. Protect your home’s basement and foundation with professional basement waterproofing.

Generally speaking, maintaining the basement is crucial for the well-being of the entire house. This room is susceptible to many risks which can lead to serious damages and even health problems if not treated in a timely manner. Some of the most common ones include dangerous molds, water leakage and foundational issues.

Fortunately, keeping the basement in great condition is very easy to do. All responsible homeowners need to do is take a few precautionary measures that will help mitigate potential risks.

Here are five basic maintenance tips that will keep your basement safe and dry at all times.


Install a window well

The first important step to keeping your basement well maintained is to prevent water damages of any kind. One way of doing so is to install a basement window well which will be part of your waterproofing system as well as a good way to capture and redirect incoming water.

The well will further protect the structure of your home because it will make sure no water, snow or ice, as well as other debris, enters your basement through the windows. Besides this, the window well can also improve ventilation in your basement as it will allow fresh air and light into an otherwise dark room.

Check your gutters and downspouts

Checking to see whether your gutters and downspouts are functioning properly is another basic tip for maintaining your basement. The thing is gutters that are clogged with leaves and other debris will most likely funnel rainwater around the landscaping of your house which can lead to leaks or cracking in your basement.

So, make sure your gutters and downspouts are placed in their proper positions, away from your foundation, not allowing water to pool against your home.

Also, don’t forget to clean them regularly using a gutter scoop and a garden hose to wash away any debris.

Waterproof your walls

No matter how hard you try to keep water away from your basement, you should know that there will be times when you will be dealing with some humidity in the room. If not addressed quickly, it can lead to cracks and holes in your foundation. A great precautionary measure to prevent this from happening is to use water-resistant paint on your walls.

This type of paint acts as a repellent for humidity which prevents water from seeping through the walls. To get the best results, make sure you apply at least two coats.

Install a sump pump

If you are dealing with chronic water leaks in your basement, then you should definitely consider installing a sump pump to keep the space dry. This will catch the water as soon as it begins to flood the room and direct it away from your home to prevent any further damages.

You should do this especially if you are using the basement as an extra living space. The pump will certainly help maximize the comfort and safety of the room while mitigating the risks of mold growth, flooding and overall structural damage.

Insulate your cold water pipes

Another easy and effective way to maintain your basement is to insulate your cold water pipes. The biggest benefit of this is to prevent condensation in the space as it will most likely occur when the temperatures are high and the pipes are dripping. Such sweating pipes will lead to excess moisture in the basement and other severe water-related problems.

To insulate your cold water pipes, you will need to use foam which you will place around the pipes. The foam will protect the pipes from dripping as well as prevent drafts and mold growth.


Final thoughts

No matter if you are using your basement as a storage room or as an extra living space, maintaining it is very important. By doing so, you will prevent the occurrence of severe damages to your house’s foundation which may come as a result of water leaks, excess condensation levels and insufficient ventilation.

If you aren’t sure how to properly do this, refer back to our post and follow the basic tips mentioned here to keep your basement in proper condition at all times.


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