5 Cabinet Installation Hacks To Improve Home Storage

December 17, 2021

Space is essential to make you feel comfortable at home. It affects your mood, how you go about tasks, and your movement within the household. Thankfully, you can use cabinets to store the things scattered around your house, thereby creating more space for you and your whole family. But it’s not as straightforward as it seems. Improper placement of cabinets can use up limited space that makes the additional storage area seem useless.

Installing and placing your cabinets strategically in your home is a wise option to maximize space and storage. To assist you, below are a few cabinet installation hacks to guide you:

  1. Hang Open Cabinets

Open cabinets are turning into a good buy for home buddies. These are the types of storage spaces with racks and fewer dividers. It saves space since you don’t need to worry about the doors that consume your limited household areas. This furniture allows you to have installation options to maximize the available space at home.

For instance, it’s recommended to place open cabinets on your walls. Since they don’t have doors, it’s beneficial for you since it's placed where it can avoid dust because it’s hung up. You can have it installed above your sink area or wherever in the house that serves its purpose.

You can find options for your cabinet installation projects in the market these days. Just make sure to check for quality and durability.

2. Put Up Cupboards

Frequently used storage spaces, like cupboards and kitchen drawers, are characterized by shelving and capacity frameworks fixed to the divider. This type of storage utilizes a limited amount of space at home but can store a decent number of items.

For instance, one can have worked-in cupboards installed on the sink. By that, you can reach it easily. Not only does strategic installation maximize limited space, but it also helps you speed up doing household tasks.

They give you more stockpiling options. Additionally, they can be planned and painted to match the colors of the foundation divider.

3. Consider Dividers And Dedicated Pantries

Custom-built furniture will help you utilize space from the floor to your ceiling. Try to work with the standard furniture that accompanies your home, but don’t be disheartened if the spaces aren’t functional enough for your needs. You can always set aside a room to serve as your pantry or make a room using dividers.

Increment your extra room by hanging racks from the ceiling too. Ensure you have ample overhead space, and that your ceiling can take the weight. To ensure that your free-hanging racks are installed properly, you may seek the assistance of experts or highly-skilled individuals.

4. Look For Secret Spots To Maximize

Whether you live in an apartment or a two-story house, you may find an area you haven’t maximized yet. For instance, you can use the space between dividers to make a storage area. It can work as a showcase rack to store other items in your home. Just ensure that you avoid tweaking sections that are essential to the structure of your home.

Another spot that is often overlooked is the area under your sink. If you have a veneer that opens to the sink plumbing and a lot of additional room, with a couple of spacers, you can utilize this region as storage for dishcloths, scissors, or wipes, among others.

5. Utilize Your Exterior Space

If you have a carport or a shed, odds are, it might still be improved to accommodate more things. You can transform these exterior rooms into clean super-stockpiling regions with floor-to-ceiling open cabinets, which you can mount to dividers. You can also introduce other multipurpose furniture like workbenches that double as storage.

Furthermore, if you need to replace cabinets in your kitchen soon, think about the style and budget when choosing. Since cabinets mostly last long, you should purchase ones that complement your existing and future appliances.


For every household, improving home storage is significant. It can give you the space you want to improve your home’s efficiency and assist you with being more organized. But, of course, you always want to play it safe and hire custom cabinet professionals to make sure the job is done right the first time.

Your kitchen will function more smoothly with enough cabinet space. With all your things well-organized in them, it gives you more room to go about your daily household chores. You don’t want food and other items to litter your kitchen countertops since you don’t have enough space to keep them. As such, you can make your home more comfortable to live in by adding more cabinets for your storage needs.


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