5 Key Areas To Install Aluminum Windows At Home

December 13, 2021

Every house is bound to have several windows in various sizes. Though they initially served to bring natural light and ventilation, modern windows also serve as an aesthetic.

Homeowners nowadays look to install aluminum windows in their homes. Aluminum windows are stronger than they look. They provide excellent performance, so they are commonly referred to as residential aluminum windows. The best part about this material is that it is aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. Aluminum is used in commercial aircraft manufacturing, proving how strong this material is. It also has excellent insulating properties, which will save you a lot on your electricity bill when you decide to use aluminum in your home.

So, if you want aluminium windows but don’t know where to put them, worry no more! Here’s a list of key areas in the house where you can install these sleek windows.

  1. Entryway

Delight your guests with an ornate aluminum window front door. Having one gives a sneak peek of what’s waiting for them in your receiving area.

An aluminum window door also has a few perks as you’ll find yourself no longer worrying about your door warping, leaking, shrinking, or swelling. There are aluminum window doors available in the market that’ll fit any budget and personal taste out there. Look for ones that provide customizability, from frames to glass panes.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen would be the one place where aluminum windows would be practical. An open window is also an invitation for flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. Aluminum windows will make it easy for you to keep the pests out.

Additionally, cooking leaves smells and traces of oils and other dirt. If these get in your door frames, they can damage them, especially if they’re not corrosion-free. And when your window seals begin deteriorating, that’s one of the signs you may need to get new ones.

Replace your old windows with aluminum ones for more longevity. You’ll only need to clean them twice a year on average. The window frames are also resistant to rust and corrosion, so all pollutants and air particles won’t stand a chance against your aluminum windows.

3. Bedroom

Aluminum windows would do great in bedrooms. They’d keep the furniture from the room protected and safe from any weather element attacks. This is especially true with wooden furniture, which tends to crack when exposed to heat for long periods of rain that may cause it to expand.

Aluminum windows also add a sense of modernity to bedrooms. They’d look great on a wall, giving you a view of the outside or on your ceiling as skylights.

4. Bathroom

Even one of the most private rooms in your house needs a decent, beautiful window. Aluminum windows can make your bathrooms look clean because of the extra natural lighting it adds to the space.

This kind of window may be the epitome of contemporary home design. You can settle on single or double-hung aluminum windows placed high on the bathroom wall. Doing this gives you your much-needed privacy while letting ample light pour in, too. Your master bathroom would also look extra fancier with a sliding aluminum door. The insulation from this door can even help conserve energy and keep your bathroom warm and cozy during winter.

5. Balcony

The balcony or terrace, a favorite area of those who like to people-watch, is sadly given the least attention. However, this can be one of the best areas of your home if added with an aluminum window or two.

Give yourself a great view of the outdoors with aluminum windows on your balcony. A sliding door made of aluminum and glass can connect your terrace to your main house and other rooms with a seamless transition.

And when the holidays roll in, go all out with the Christmas decorating and line your window frames with wreaths. Neighbors passing by your place will stop to look at your beautiful balcony no matter how cold it is outside.

Final Words

Windows are just as important to your house as doors and rooms. Aside from being another light source (in the mornings) or an air vent (for those hot summers), they give you a peek of what’s outside. Like any piece of home furniture, you’ll want to put your money on high-quality items that last a lifetime.

So, whether you’re still building your dream home or already living in it, consider using aluminum windows. They provide ample lighting and comfortable insulation to any home. And if that’s not what you’re after, you’d surely be glad to know that aluminum windows are more affordable than ordinary timber windows. Thus, your wallet can take a breather, and so can you.



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