5 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

December 21, 2021

Are you planning home renovations for the new year? Many homeowners wish to upgrade their kitchens and rush to prepare their designs, but very few understand the entire remodeling timeline.

Contractors need uninterrupted time to tear down and remodel a kitchen to ensure quality repairs. The desired outcome can be compromised if this process is rushed. Remodeling timelines exist to give homeowners the best results.

When planning your project, ensure you avoid these five common mistakes.

Forgetting the Kitchen Remodeling Timeline

The entire project can last for several months, depending on the extent of your kitchen renovation. However, this is a reasonable estimate for how long it will take you to plan your remodel and see it built. While this might seem like forever, cutting this process short can hurt you in finding the right contractor or better price for your preferred appliance.

The Planning Stage

Before you start to remodel a kitchen, you'll need to make a plan for what you want it to look like. Create a Pinterest board, order cabinet and paint samples, and measure your space. Set realistic goals for your design and choose a kitchen you can imagine yourself using.

Additionally, you’ll want to research general contractors and interview at least three before hiring one for your project. It can take some time to hire tradespeople, depending on the availability in your area. Once you finalize your design plans, you can communicate with your contractor and get things moving.

Product Shopping

Work with your contractor to order appliances, cabinets, flooring and additional products. Begin packing up your kitchen and establish a new space.


The construction phase could involve demolition and restructuring walls and other features. Your contractor will begin plumbing, electrical and mechanical work during this stage, installing drywall and flooring.

Finishing Touches

Your constructor will install cabinets, countertops, appliances, and fixtures in the final construction phase. They’ll also clean the work site. Soon after this, you’ll be able to move back into your kitchen, unpack and use your new space.

Going DIY

Unless you have extensive renovation experience, it's likely wise to choose a contractor for your kitchen remodels. The renovation could require comprehensive plumbing and electric expertise, depending on the projects you wish to complete. Additionally, serious structural work should be left to the pros.

At the end of your renovation, contractors can guarantee all home permits have been filed, your property is structurally sound, and the new drywall was hung and insulated correctly. There'll be no doubt your whole-house filtration system is effectively removing sulfur from your drinking water or your tile flooring received its sealing coat. Most of all, you'll know your kitchen is safe for your family to gather in.

Breaking Your Budget

You must determine your working budget before you get started on your project. You'll want to keep your spending flexible if the cost of materials or labor runs high, increasing it by another 20%. The most important part of making a project budget is sticking to it.

List your project priorities in your kitchen remodeling timeline. If you already like your cabinets or plan on applying a coat of paint rather than replacing them, consider focusing your budget on flooring, windows or appliances.

Ignoring Energy Efficient Appliances

Another renovation mistake you won’t want to make is forgetting to purchase energy-efficient kitchen appliances and sustainable products. Energy Star refrigerators are 9% more energy-efficient, saving you more than $220 over the 12-year appliance life span. Consider purchasing a countertop compost bin and tossing your food scraps inside to be sustainable. Use it to start an indoor compost pile or as a way to transport materials outside.

Forgetting Counter Space

Don't forget to plan for counter space when designing your new kitchen. Sometimes, it's easy to get caught up in details and ignore essential factors like this in the planning stage. However, it's nearly impossible to work in a kitchen without adequate room. If you have several countertop appliances, talk with your contractor for creative storage solutions to ensure you have room to work.

Avoid These Renovation Mistakes

When you understand the kitchen remodeling timeline, choose a contractor, stick to a budget, select energy-efficient appliances and design for counter space, you'll avoid some of the most common renovation mistakes. You'll also be on your way to a successful project.



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