5 things to consider before choosing commercial and industrial lighting

December 13, 2021

Lighting is hugely important for businesses. It can affect the productivity of employees, and poor lighting can reflect badly on the company’s image. Below, we explore five things to consider before choosing your commercial and industrial lighting.

Cost effectiveness

When the time comes for a change, any business will need to ensure that their lighting is cost effective. To achieve this you need to consider the different parts of the lighting process. There are installation costs, energy usage costs and maintenance costs. When you’re planning to change your lighting, you should consider all three aspects and ensure that, collectively, they stay under your budget.


You should also consider your security needs when it comes to lighting too. Lighting can actually be a useful defense for your offices – they can convince criminals that there are people in the office and that it’s not worth targeting. One way this can be achieved is by implementing lights that switch on at random moments or when sensors identify movement. This can create the impression that they are being switched on and off by someone else present.

Dimmable lights can also help with security. By leaving your lights on a low level, you can use less energy but also deter break ins, with criminals worrying there are people present. By using rheostats, you can dim the intensity of your lights by limiting the electrical flow heading through the light bulb.

Light output and brightness

It’s also important to consider the light output and brightness. You want to create a business environment conducive to work. As such, during working hours, dim lights won’t do. Ensure that your lights are bright during the day and are intense enough to cover large office spaces.

Environmental concerns

Your lighting plan will also need to consider your environmental impact. This largely centers on the amount of energy your lights consume. You can install an energy system that switches off unused lights to save energy. Plus, you can buy long-lasting LED lights rather than standard bulbs that can’t be reused.

Noise levels

You don’t want your lights making that annoying buzzing noise. Fluorescent lights, in particular, can emit a constant noise that be distracting and make your business seem less professional. Instead, you should ensure that your lights are subtle and don’t obstruct any work or business.

Lights are crucial to your workspace. But overhauling your system can sometimes feel daunting. However, by focusing on the cost, light output, security and the environmental impact, you can begin to plan your lighting and look forward to building a workspace that promotes productivity and efficiency.


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