5 Travel Locations In America Where You Can Go For A Long Ride

December 28, 2021



Are you planning a long ride with your partner? There are many travel locations In the US. But where should you go?

Taking the long road on a long journey is a desire for most American youth. An explorer's heart always pounds for a new journey, and the fascinating desert of the Wild West, the Californian Coast, and the majestic beauty of the Appalachian Mountains are irresistible.

It is hard to decide one among all of these amazing options. So, I am here to help you choose the best long drive travel location in America so that you can make the most out of your long-awaited trip.

In this article, I have talked about five travel locations for long trips in America. You can pick the one destination that you love and head out on a long romantic trip with your partner or a joyride with your friends.

Best Long Trip Locations In America

You can choose from these locations and hit the road in your car or a caravan. Here are the best long trip travel locations in America that you have been looking for-

Pacific Coast Highway

Are you traveling by car? If yes, this must be the best long trip you have ever been to. You can satisfy your American explorer spirit to the fullest on a long trip to California's pacific coast highway. You are in for a treat If you have a convertible.

Feeling the rushing wind on your face will refresh your soul. Also, you can soak in the sun as you drive. In the United States, a long drive on the pacific coast is one of the best long trip travel locations. Starting from San Diego, you can take one of the best coastal routes to travel on the continent.

On your way, you can go to Los Angeles, Hearst Castle, San Luis Obispo and take the iconic Highway One toward the north of the fascinating coastal town of Monterey. In San Francisco, you will find many new areas to explore. So, why wait? Pack your things and hit the road.

Olympic Peninsula

Hiking alongside a road trip? Who doesn't want that? If you are journeying to the Olympic Peninsula, Washington, you will have the double benefit of a road trip and mountain hiking. This is one of the best travel locations for mountain hiking coupled with road trips.

Start in Seattle and take the 531 kilometers long road loop if you are planning a journey. There are two routes. There are two routes that you can take; clockwise and anticlockwise. Both routes confirm the pleasant scenic beauty of the mountain tops, waterfalls, and small towns on your way.

You get to experience the stunning view of Lake Crescent, the most beautiful lake in the United States. You can take a hike through the Hoh and Quinault rainforest. So, pack your hiking gear and head out on an SUV.

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Blue Ridge Parkway

This 755 kilometers long route connects two of the National Parks in the USA. From Sananoodah in Virginia to the mountains of North Carolina, you can append a long-lasting bliss for a long drive in this route of the long drive.

There is no commercial town, billboards, or traffic on this way because of the ban. So, you will definitely have a great time on your way. In this way, you can enjoy the mountain terrains if you start the journey either from Cherokee or Boone.

You can experience the wild turkeys, waterfalls, and eerie fog on the way. If you are traveling during the fall, frequent yellow and reds and yellow on the way will be on your way to bedazzle you.

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Cape Cod Massachusetts

The most historic and scenic route 6a along Cape Cod is a great long trip. This 91 km long road will take you through the dunelands and the old villages established in 1639.

If you want to experience this pleasant journey, then you need to start from the Sandwich and to the old Brewster. Take your things and get on the road in an SUV or a fast Sedan. You will love acres of oak/pine forest on the way. There will be freshwater ponds here and there on the way to enlighten your mood.

Chicago To California- Route 66

Are you planning a long trip by car? When I say long I mean, a really long route that extends 3945 kilometers. Yes, the way to California from Chicago Los Angeles extends upto that long of a distance. Also, do not forget the Cinnamon Rolls In Las Vegas. It is a great long trip travel location, special for its long route and also for the history of the route.

You will enjoy the highway towns and lonely desert plains on a long trip to California from Chicago.

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All of these travel locations will fulfil your American spirit of an outgoer. You can enjoy the mountain rangers, red and yellow with autumn, and the gushing waterfalls. Cuddling with the breeze as you put the windows down on a long trip is an elixir for your soul.

Choose from any of the five locations here, pack your things, and head out. Why wait any longer?





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