7 Reasons Why Stockholm Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

December 26, 2021


Set in the middle of centuries-old structures and rich history, Stockholm is a vivacious and intriguing city of multiple contrasts with limitless boundaries and relaxing values. Its occupants are outré up-to-date and possess a rich frontward intellect. This city is always busy with different activities. They support positive changes, peace, admiration, and acceptance of every culture and faith. The city streets are full of lively cafes and restaurants. This city is a feast for everyone, and it is worth exploring.

This city has deep roots in ancient history. It was founded almost 800 years ago and the best thing about it is every little thing from every age is very well preserved in it. World War 2 brought destruction to almost every European country, but Sweden was untouched as it remained neutral, which is why it wasn’t bombed by either side. Today, this city is spread over 14 unique islands. They are connected by more than 55 bridges along with a regular ferry service between them. So, traveling from one isle to another is never an issue.

Stockholm – Venice of the North

A trendsetter in the Baltic, it was amazing cuisines, green parks, and extraordinary museums. If I talk about places to visit in this Venice of Scandinavia, the list will never end. There are hundreds of reasons to visit Stockholm in any season as this compact city is full of infinite charms.

This city is overwhelmed with joy, beauty, and amazing landmarks. Even the sidewalks are loaded with countless sceneries and attractions. With unique and antique streets, compelling parks, and amazing views, you are guaranteed to be flabbergasted no matter what the nature of your visit is. Located on an Archipelago, it is where multiple terrains and sceneries meet. For this reason, Stockholm is considered the most diverse city in the world and nicknamed the Venice of the North.

Why Stockholm should be your next travel destination?

You cannot also avoid its artistic and innovative side. With modern eco-friendly structures, Nordic landmarks, assorted nightlife, and pubs on ferries and boats, this place is truly enchanted. The best way to explore this city is to follow your heart and spend maximum time in the outdoors. You can easily rent a bicycle or a motorbike, or even walk on the sidewalks. Although there is an infinite number of reasons to visit Stockholm, I am going to discuss 7 reasons to reveal in the form of places and attractions. So, extract a great deal of knowledge about this city and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

But before planning your trip to the Venice of North, it is imperative to book cheap flights from a reputed travel agent, as Stockholm is an expensive city just like any other in Scandinavia. There are multiple airports in this city, so try to choose one which is nearest to significant sites and your accommodation. In this way, you can visit more places in less time.

I was able to find cheap flights to Dubai from a renowned travel agency in the UK. They also helped me find cheap accommodation and a cheap transfer from the airport to my hotel. It really helps to save money when travelling to an expensive city, which is why I highly recommend everyone to seek discounts, cheap flights, and travel deals.

Stockholm Archipelago

Any city can build multiple skyscrapers, offer the view of structures with unique designs and architecture, or treat you with diverse cuisines. But I consider the real beauty and uniqueness lie in a city’s terrain and landscape. Stockholm is one of the most beautiful capitals of the world. It is located on a fascinating archipelago that opens up in the Baltic Sea. Surrounded by thousands of islands with multiple tourist attractions, beaches, natural settings, and resorts, this archipelago is mandatory for every tourist visiting Stockholm. So, get yourself in a boat, or a ferry and sail around this magnificent archipelago.

Kungsholmen Island

Whoever has visited Kungsholmen Island, they are stunned beyond anyone’s imagination. Due to its exotic sceneries and perfect location, it has become a hotspot for tourists. You can explore this stunning isle completely on foot as it has the best footpaths in Stockholm. This island will only take up to 2 hours of exploration and the best thing about it is your every second is exciting and totally worth it. Some tourists also prefer running or jogging around this island. It is an ideal way to burn calories and explore this place simultaneously. Take a flashlight with you if you are visiting this city late in the day.

Tantolunden Park

If you love to take countless snaps and post them all over your social media profiles, then Tantolunden Park is a must-visit for you. I also recommend my less picture enthusiast readers to visit this park as they are guaranteed to take a few clicks of colorful wooden cottages bending into the beautiful flower-rich surrounding. You should take a nap and eat refreshments in one of its beautiful gardens. You can also play mini-golf, enjoy boating, outdoor gym, and snow fights in winters. It is perfect for people chasing peace and bliss.

Djurgarden Island

Embark on the journey of countless dreams where you are able to see so much greenery, even your eyes can’t hold them. People of Stockholm are obsessed with greenery, and the island of Djurgarden is the greenest island of this city. I recommend you hitch a ferry ride around this island. You can also set your feet on this green isle and wander through farms, and Nordic-style houses, that are centuries old. This island is also home to a museum that displays the historic and artistic values of Sweden. Do visit it too.

Vasa Museum

Speaking about museums, Vasa Museum has the world’s only 17th-century vessel is a fully preserved state. A beloved ship of King Gustav II Adolf, it was made to become one of the best ships in the world at that time. But the only problem with it was that engineers didn’t design it to sail and maneuver for a very long time in the sea. King loved it too much, which is why it survived until modern times.

Viking Museum

If you visit Stockholm but miss this Viking Museum, then you have left behind one of the best things about this city unexplored and you need to return anytime soon back to Stockholm to revisit this unique place. This museum tells us about the rich Swedish Viking history. Swim in the vast ocean of knowledge and insight into the world of Vikings. From their cuisines to their dresses, and even their hairstyles, you can learn everything about them here.

The City Hall

The City Hall of Stockholm is a place where Nobel Banquet is held each year after Nobel Prize Award Ceremony. It is an impressive structure inside out and once you step into it; you are amazed by the huge ceiling and outstanding staircase. The artwork is simply out of the world with goldwork everywhere.


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