7 Top Tips To Enjoy Your Swimming Pool To The Fullest

December 31, 2021

One of the best outdoor features you can have at your property is having your very own swimming pool. Thus, if you’re one of the few lucky ones who get to own a pool in your backyard, you need to make the most out of it. As the summer season will be around the corner before you know it, it might be best to get ahead with your summer plans and brainstorm how you and your friends can take advantage of your swimming pool.

So, besides taking a dip, here are the top seven tips to help you enjoy your swimming pool to the fullest.

  1. Make Your Pool More Inviting

Making your swimming pool look and feel more inviting will not only entice your friends and family to take a dip with you, but it’ll also improve their overall pool experience. One way to make your pool inviting is by adding a pool privacy fence. Adding a pool fence will make your swimming pool more exclusive. Therefore, it will make it easier for you and your guests to feel more comfortable during your swimming sessions without worrying about any prying eyes from the neighborhood or passersby.

Another way to make your pool more appealing is by adding lounge chairs and tables on the poolside. This will give them enough space to relax and lounge while they get their suntan.

2. Throw A Pool Party

A swimming pool is not only meant for swimming, but it’s also a perfect spot for hosting an epic party. So, get in touch with your family and close friends and invite them over for a fun day or night pool party. But before doing so, make sure to prepare your pool first by adding some pool accessories like inflatables, beach balls, and other pool decorations for your guests to use and play with. You can also hire a DJ to play the latest summer hits and set the mood of the party. Lastly, make sure you prepare some drinks or snacks to keep your guests full and hydrated.

3. Host A Pool Movie Night

Are you looking for a way to spice up your movie night experience? You can move your movie night sessions into the swimming pool! All you have to do is set up your projector, place a white sheet on a wall, and watch the movie while relaxing on a pool floatie or in the water. You can also take out a floating table to place your popcorn or other movie snacks and take them with you into the pool. An additional tip, choose a water-themed movie so the storyline will be a bit related to your current swimming pool experience.

4. Read At The Pool’s Edge

The beauty of a swimming pool is that you can utilize it in so many ways, and one of them is to use it as a reading spot. You’re probably tired of reading your book from your bedroom or your windowpane. So, to switch things up, pick up your book and read it while sitting at the pool’s edge and letting your feet dangle into the refreshing water. For a more exciting experience, use a pool floatie and read your book while floating around the water. Just make sure you hold on tight to your book to avoid dropping it.

5. Build A Fire Pit

Bring more warmth into your swimming pool by building a fire pit nearby. This will keep your guests dry and warm after a long swimming session. Furthermore, this could also be a perfect spot to cook some barbeque, s’mores, and tell spooky stories at night after spending the entire day swimming at the pool.

6. Have A Diving Contest

Whether you have a diving board in your pool or not, you’re still eligible to throw a diving contest for your guests. Just make sure your pool is deep and safe for your friends to jump into as they show off their diving tricks. Don’t forget to prepare some prizes for the best divers or jumpers and document the whole contest for keepsake.

7. Organize An Underwater Treasure Hunt

Who says you can only do treasure hunting on land? You can surely do it in your swimming pool too. You can organize an underwater treasure hunt by throwing some toys into the pool then letting your guests dive and swim to see who can get the most treasures. For a more challenging treasure hunt, you can use coins and let your guests keep whatever they get. If you’re planning to host an underwater treasure hunt for kids, make sure to throw the toys or coins on a kid’s pool to prevent drowning incidents.

Wrapping Up

There you go! Now you have more fun and exciting ideas to help you make the most out of your swimming pool for the summer season. Whether you’re planning to throw a pool party, host a diving contest, or organize an underwater treasure hunt, make sure to prioritize safety at all times.


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