9 ways to optimize kitchen for more space

December 20, 2021

If you are planning to move to a big city for studying or starting a family, then, be prepared to get used to pocket-sized apartments. Yes, most apartments in big cities, and now, even small cities have very small-sized apartments.

And, according to a study, the average flat size is supposed to shrink by 27% in the next five years.

Now, one thing is sure, these apartments are not going to be enough, and that is why you have to get creative with spaces. So, let’s focus on one thing today, the kitchen.

The kitchen is the most important area of your house because it’s where you’ll cook food. It needs to be organized properly for you to work.

So, let’s see what are the 7 ways you can optimize your kitchen space.

1. Use mini-sized appliances

There is a lot of myth around the fact that larger appliances work better than smaller ones, but it isn’t true. Smaller appliances come in a lot handy especially when you are living in a small apartment… and they work exactly the same.

So, opt for a small microwave or mini-refrigerator instead of a bulky one. This way you will be saving a lot of space for other things that your kitchen may need.

2. Accessorize your kitchen

No, I am not talking about a pair of necklaces or earrings. I am talking about using the space you already have.

For instance, you can add dividers in your drawers, and a double narrow shelf to keep more spices. Also, you can use pegboards, in drawers that can hold your utensils and plates properly.

3. Make the best use of your wall

If you have a huge plain wall beside your kitchen, use it to make a wall-sized cabinet. You can customize it via https://ikeahackers.net/, they have a huge collection of products that can be suitable for your kitchen space.

A wall-sized cabinet will not only be useful for keeping silverware but you will also be able to keep utensils, your premium crockery, and spices all-in-one place.

4. Hang your kitchen essentials

What should you do if your kitchen is small, your cabinets are full, still, you have a bunch of utensils to store? You hang them on the wall.

Simply drill some holes on the wall, fix a wooden log, add some hooks, and that’s it. It’s the most convenient way to hang small utensils, pans, spatulas, and it looks cool too!

5. Add a shelf you need

Another thing that you can do if you are out of cabinet space is add a shelf on the wall. Although it may require more work than the hanger, a shelf will definitely be able to hold more things.

You can even go on to add some little plants on top if you wish.

6. Ditch the knife block

A smart way to have more counter space is by ditching the usual knife block. Instead, you can use magnetic strips to keep your knives organized.

Not only that, the strips also come in handy for storing pot lids and other kitchen tools.

7. Buy a dual functional dinner table

If you have extremely limited kitchen space, i.e., just a counter and few cabinets - You can shift your storage space to a dual-function dinner table.

These are small tables open from the top. So, you have an eating space and a secret storage space. Sounds cool, right?

8. Use natural lighting

This is probably the easiest hack you can use to make your kitchen look bigger. Most of the time, with the addition of cabinets and shelves, the kitchen starts looking very congested.

So, in order to make things better, use a brighter light in the kitchen. It will help your small space appear bigger than it actually is, so you won’t feel restricted while working in the kitchen.

9. Keep everything clean

All of your efforts and hard work are going to fail if you can’t keep your kitchen clean. A dirty and unorganized kitchen is way worse than a small kitchen.

So, always make sure you keep your kitchen clean. Organize the utensils from where you picked them up. After your meals, wash your plates properly and reorganize them on shelves.

Small efforts every day are going to help you stay organized in the long term.

Over to you…

Now that you are aware of all the ways you can optimize your kitchen space. Are you ready to infuse a new life in your kitchen?


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