A Detail Guide about Shower Enclosure

December 2, 2021

A glass shower enclosure is a design marvel. Nothing can beat the elegance and class of clear glass shower enclosures. The clear shower enclosures are the one ingredient recipe in upgrading the bathroom. Once installed, shower enclosures become the highlight of the bathroom. They give a clean and refined look to the bathroom. The benefits of shower enclosures are too numerous to mention.

If you are convinced about the benefits of shower enclosures and up to install them, follow along. Here is a detailed guide that will help you learn more about shower enclosures and make the right choice. We aim to equip you with all the necessary information regarding glass enclosures. This will help you in your quest for the perfect glass shower enclosure.

Shower Riser Kits Grow in Popularity
A shower enclosure is a great way to keep your bathroom clean and tidy. It also helps to prevent water from dripping onto the floor and making it slippery. There are many different types of shower enclosures available on the market, so it is important to choose one that will suit your needs. Shower riser kits are one type of enclosure that is becoming increasingly popular. These kits come with everything you need to install an enclosed shower, including the base, walls, door, and ceiling. This can be a great option for those who do not have a lot of space in their bathroom, as the kit can be installed in just a few hours. Another type of enclosure that is growing in popularity is the frameless shower enclosure. These enclosures are made without any metal frames, which makes them very easy to clean. They are also much more stylish than traditional metal enclosures, which can make your bathroom look more modern. If you are looking for an enclosure that is both easy to install and clean, then a frameless shower enclosure may be the perfect option for you.

Why Invest in A Glass Shower Enclosure?

Before exploring the ins and outs of shower enclosures, let's answer the “Why” first.

Why should one install a glass shower enclosure? Here are some reasons that can clear your mind in this regard.

  • High Aesthetics - Shower glass doors are the undisputed champions of aesthetics. The clear enclosures give a posh and refined look to the bathroom interior. These enclosures are the shortcut to a contemporary bathroom interior. You can enjoy the luxury of a high-end bathroom interior by installing glass shower doors.
  • Open And Clean Look - Unlike the opaque shower curtains, clear glass doors allow the light to flow through. Thus creating a feeling of space and openness. This property of glass enclosures is highly valued in small bathrooms.
  • Low Maintenance - Glass shower enclosures require little to no maintenance. Due to its non-porous surface, glass doesn't allow the dust and dirt to mess up the visual appeal. Even if the glass doors become dirty, all you need is soap water and a clean piece of cloth. This apparatus will be enough to restore the glass enclosures to their glory.
  • Durable - Glass shower enclosures are highly durable. You don't have to change them often. They work perfectly well for years.
  • Additional Home Value - Installing the shower glass doors gives a modern look to the bathroom. Due to the enhanced bathroom interior, the home value increases effectively.

Where to Install Shower Enclosure?

Addressing the “where” question before getting into the buying guide has great significance. Many people put away the idea of installing shower doors just because of the size of their bathrooms. They think that their bathroom space is not enough to install a glass shower enclosure.

Well, it's mostly a misconception!

You can install shower enclosures in any bathroom, regardless of their size. Be it a small bathroom or a huge one, glass shower doors work perfectly well for any bathroom. All you have to do is choose the right shower enclosure. An enclosure that goes well with your bathroom style, size, and dimensions. With these considerations, you are good to install glass shower doors in the bathroom. Just be mindful of your space constraints and choose the right shower door style.

This leads us to our next question, which is “How”. How would one choose the right shower doors? Worry not, we have got you covered in this regard.

How to Choose the Glass Enclosure?

Choosing the right glass enclosure requires a lot of consideration. It is not a one-shot pick. There are multiple factors that influence the choice. You have to take each factor into consideration to make the absolute right choice.

We are here to guide you through the process. Here are the details of all the factors. These elements contribute to make a glass shower enclosure perfect for your bathroom.

Shower Enclosure Styles

The glass shower enclosures don't come in a single conventional design. There are plenty of shower enclosure styles available in the market. Each style serves a different set of requirements. So no matter what size or shape your bathroom is; you can easily get a perfect shower door match for it.

Some popular shower door designs are listed below. Understand their specifications and choose the enclosure according to your requirements.

Bi-Fold Shower Enclosure

Bi-fold or tri-fold shower doors consist of multiple glass panels based on the design. The door is connected to the shower panels with hinges. The doors operate like bi-fold screens or closet doors. This door operation mechanism is space-saving. Therefore, bi-fold shower doors are a great option for small bathrooms.

Corner Shower Enclosure

The bathroom corners usually go unused due to the tight space and no utility. Corner or neo-angle shower doors are designed to make use of the corners. The neo-angle shower doors consist of two side panels and a flat front screen. This design encompasses the corner space. The neo-angle shower enclosure creates a diamond-shaped floor space in the bathroom corner. It's perfect for small bathrooms as it doesn't take any extra space from the solid foot of the bathroom.

Steam Shower Enclosures

Steam shower doors are an exclusive choice for those of you who like steam showers. The type of shower enclosure doubles as a steam room. The shower enclosure is designed to keep the steam inside. The shower panels are airtight while the door hinges have airtight seals. This construction prevents the steam from escaping the shower area. The airflow is managed through moveable panels that serve as air vents.

Framed Glass Enclosure

The glass shower enclosure with framed doors is considered a framed shower enclosure. The glass doors have metal frames that provide solid support to the glass doors. The framed glass shower doors are considered as a sturdy option.

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

Frameless glass enclosures are the epitome of elegance. As the name suggests, the frameless glass enclosure lacks any type of frame. So it is an all-glass enclosure. The frameless glass enclosure gives an ultra-chic look to the bathroom. It is usually used in high-end hotels and spas to deliver a luxe feel.

Door Type

You might be thinking, how is door type important?

Well, considering the type of door for your shower enclosures is of key significance. How so?

The choice of shower enclosure is all about the bathroom space. A door that requires a lot of space for its operation cannot be a wise choice for a small bathroom. And it could turn out to be a disaster. So choosing the right door type is very important.

Here are some main door options.

Fixed Shower Screen

As the name suggests, a fixed shower screen consists of a glass panel that is fixed in place. It cannot be moved and is typically used to just serve as a highlight of the shower space. The fixed glass shower panel doesn't require any extra space for its operation. So it's perfect for small bathrooms.

Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors consist of two glass panels that slide over a metal track for operation. The glass panels slide past each other to allow entry and exit. The sliding shower doors are considered the perfect all-rounders. They work perfectly well for small as well as large bathrooms.

Swinging Shower Doors

As the title implies, the swinging shower doors operate by swinging in and out. The shower doors are fixed with the wall or glass enclosure through hinges. The doors swing in and out across these hinges. Swinging doors require some extra space for their operation. So they are not recommended for small bathroom spaces.

Glass Type

Glass shower enclosures are truly versatile. You have plenty of design options according to your preferences. One such option is the glass type. You can choose the glass type according to your preferences. Some common glass types used in glass shower doors are as follows.

Clear Tempered Glass

Clear tempered glass tops the list of user choices. The clear glass is tempered to offer suitable strength value to the shower doors. This glass type is the classic pick for its ultra-luxe vibe.

Frosted Glass

A clear glass shower enclosure may seem like a privacy breach for some. The clear glass is frosted by sandblasting or acid etching. This process makes the glass opaque. Thus, allowing the light to pass through while blocking the direct view into the shower area.  Frosted glass is the perfect pick for those who want extra privacy.

Rain Glass

Rain glass is a textured glass type. It has a rain pattern all over it to give off a constant feeling of rain. It gives a classy posh look to the bathroom. Rain glass is a perfect choice for people who crave rain all the time.

Tinted Glass

As the name suggests, tinted glass is colored glass. A tint is added to clear glass to achieve tinted glass. It is mostly used to achieve high aesthetic value. You can channel your creative side through a tinted glass shower enclosure.

Glass Thickness

The thickness of glass sheets used in the shower doors defines the strength value. Therefore, it's important to consider the thickness while choosing glass shower doors. The recommended thickness of glass sheets is as follows:

  • For a framed shower enclosure, the recommended thickness is 3/8” to ¼”. As the frame provides necessary support to the glass doors, so the glass sheets don't need to be very thick.
  • As for a frameless enclosure, the glass sheets used are typically ½” thick. Tempered glass panels are used in the frameless doors. Relatively thick glass sheets provide the necessary strength to the frameless doors.
  • The fixed shower panel, however, can be 3/16” thick, as it is not required to move from its place.

How Much Does Installing A Shower Glass Enclosure Costs?

One of the most frequently asked questions about glass shower doors is their cost value. It seems like a bit too much of an investment for such people. Glass shower doors are a great investment in terms of durability and functionality. The total cost of glass shower doors depends on a number of factors.

  1. Glass type
  2. Enclosure type
  3. Labor cost

A sum of all the costs defines the total cost of installing a glass enclosure.

Glass Type

The price of each glass type is different from the other. So, here is an overview of the glass type and their respective price.

  • Clear Tempered Glass - The shower doors made up of clear tempered glass come in around $350 to $1000.
  • Frosted Glass - The standard frosted glass shower enclosure costs around $290 to $950.
  • Rain Glass - The textured rain glass shower doors cost around $400 to $1200.
  • Tinted Glass - The decorative tinted glass shower enclosure comes in the range of $300 to $1000.

Note: Keep in mind that these estimated prices can be taken as a reference. However, the price range changes a lot based on the size and thickness of the glass used.

Enclosure Type

Just like the glass type, the type of shower glass enclosure also affects the overall price. Three main types of glass enclosures and their estimated costs are as follows.

  • Frameless Shower Glass Enclosure - Frameless shower doors are an all-glass variant. So, their price range is more towards a high-end side. These shower doors cost around $900 to $1300.
  • Semi-Frameless Glass Enclosure. - These shower doors offer a middle ground between framed and frameless glass doors. They provide the strength of framed doors and the aesthetics of frameless enclosures. Semi-frameless shower enclosures feature sleek frames to provide an opulent look.
  • Custom Shower Enclosures - Every bathroom is built on different dimensions and measurements. So the standard shower doors might not fit all the bathrooms alike. Custom orders are put forth to cater to this problem. You can order custom shower doors according to your own design preferences. Custom shower doors can cost as low as $900 and as high as $3500. It all depends on the size and level of customization.

Labor Cost

The labor cost changes according to the size and complexity of the installation.

Installing a small shower enclosure costs less than large shower doors. Similarly, handling frameless doors is harder than installing framed doors. So installation of a framed shower enclosure costs less.

However, the labor cost can be around $300 to $500.

Some Final Words!

Glass shower enclosures are the magic fixtures that accentuate the bathroom interior. Although installing a shower door costs a good sum of money. However, it's totally worth it. So don't hold back from investing in glass shower doors. Get these beauties and enhance the value of your home!


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