A Guide To Installing Security Doors In Your Home

December 15, 2021

A Comprehensive Guide To Installing Security Doors In Your Home

In 2020 alone, there were a total of 377,805 home break-ins in the United States. You’re not immune to this crime. Burglars can strike your home anytime unannounced. One thing you can do to prevent them from gaining access to your home is to install a security door. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to go about it.

Choose the right material

The right material is the fine line between your home and intruders. You must choose the right material to protect your possessions and those you love inside. Here are several material options you can choose for your security doors:

  • Steel: This is the best for security purposes because of its exceptional toughness. Burglars will find breaking through a steel door nearly impossible. And if they attempt to break in, they’ll spend so much time on it that you’ll have called the authorities (if you haven’t installed any other security system, that is).
  • Solid core timber: You can also use wood to construct security doors. The heavier the construction, the more secure they are. You’d want to avoid light wooden doors, as burglars can easily break through them. The good thing about wooden doors is their unequaled beauty and warmth, and they’ll look even better through the years.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is lighter than steel and is a viable option for security doors where the building structure can’t support weighty doors.
  • Fiberglass: This is the latest entrant in the market. They’re sturdier than wood, need little to no maintenance, are energy-efficient, can be reinforced with steel plates for added security, and are usually engineered to a high quality that improves your home’s aesthetics.

Security screens

When you’re at home, it’s normal to leave the front door open to let in the fresh air and enjoy the outside view while keeping pests away. But opportunistic burglars can take advantage of this and momentarily make away with your expensive possessions.

To prevent this from happening, you’d want to install a Crimsafe Screen made of a dual layer of high tensile mesh. Coupled with an excellent locking mechanism, sturdy frame, and perfect anchoring of the mesh into the frame, you can be sure that no intruder will succeed in breaking into your home during the day.

Lock type

Deadbolts offer the best protection against break-ins. In essence, lock bolts are moved into position by turning a key or knob. This type of locking mechanism adequately resists battering, boring, and knocking. And given that the locking mechanism sits within the door structure, it’s even more difficult for burglars to tamper with deadbolts. (2)

Aside from deadbolts, here are other lock types you can consider as you try to increase your home security:

  • Mortise locks: These are next to deadbolts in terms of security rating. Inserting a key into the lock cylinder and turning it drives the locking latch into position.
  • Padlocks: It’s not advisable to use these for security doors because the locking mechanism isn’t entirely concealed. Burglars can easily break the padlock and gain access to your home. But if it’s the only viable option, go for heavy-duty padlocks that’ll give burglars a hell of a time.
  • Smart locks: Technological advancements have made it possible to have keyless door locks. Instead, you control them using an app on your smartphone or a control pad at the door. The good thing about them is that you can open and close your door remotely. Thus, you’ll never have to worry that you forgot to lock your door when you stepped out of the house. Also, you’ll have no more instances of losing keys and having to call locksmiths to help you out. Some even notify you on your phone when someone tries to tamper with them.

The hinges

One of the tricks burglars do is detaching the hinges to gain entry into homes. So you must ensure that your door hinges are high grade and fitted with additional security features. One component you wouldn’t want to miss on your hinges is the security studs.

One leaf of the hinge contains a stud that mates into a hole on the opposite leaf when the door is closed. Even if a burglar manages to remove the pin of the hinge, the two leaves remain locked into each other, and it wouldn’t be possible to swing the two leaves past each other to open the door.

Another option is to use hinges with non-removable pins. This way, burglars who attack from the hinge end of the door will go through the additional pain of cutting the barrel off the hinge, and this gives you more time to call the authorities and have them caught in the act.

Opening vs. door dimensions

Don’t make the mistake of falling for a particular security door, perhaps because of its beauty and forcing it to fit your home. If it’s smaller than the opening, you might be forced to fill up the spaces left around it. The fillers may act as a weak point given that they’re not part of the main structure of your house. And burglars can quickly take down the security door.

If it’s too large, you might be forced to expand the opening, and this can weaken the house’s frame. Therefore, make a point of getting the exact dimensions of your door opening and look for a perfectly matching security door. If you can’t find any ready-made match in the market, go to those contractors who can build a customized one for your special needs.


As much as the door you’re installing is primarily meant for security, it doesn’t mean that you should compromise on the aesthetics. On this account, consider installing a door that matches your overall home design. If your home is a traditional one, go for heavily-built wooden doors. If it’s modern but you still want the warmth of wood, you can opt for fiberglass finished with a wooden texture.

For steel and aluminum security doors, you’d want to choose the powder-coated ones rather than merely painting them. A powder coating is better protection against corrosion and weather damage, no matter the intensity of the environmental elements.


One way to protect yourself, your family, and your possessions is to install a strong security door that deters burglars from breaking in. Some things you must consider when choosing and installing one include the material, the locking mechanism, the hinge type, dimensions, and aesthetics. For best results, hire a reliable contractor for the job. Avoid doing it yourself because you might not have the expertise to install an unbreakable door.


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