AC Repair and Maintenance Tips for Homeowners in Spring, TX

December 21, 2021

Do you take good care of your air-conditioning system? Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t.

Nevertheless, an efficient system is your only salvation on scorching summer days when the heat is unbearable. While repairs and technical assessments should be left to professionals, AC maintenance can be handled by homeowners, at least the more straightforward tasks, such as checking the thermostat, cleaning the filters, cleaning the outdoor unit, etc.

We hope these valuable tips help homeowners in Spring, Texas, improve the energy efficiency and lifespan of their air conditioners.

Inspect the thermostat

The first tip to keep in mind is examining your thermostat, which is the simplest task related to AC maintenance. Your job is to check whether the thermostat works correctly and keeps your indoor temperature optimal. Homeowners in Spring, Texas, whose air conditioners have manual thermostats, are advised to upgrade them to programmable, smart models.

Smart thermostats enable you to set the temperature higher or lower when outside the house, meaning you shouldn’t turn the unit off. You can set the thermostat to cool your house/apartment through a mobile application prior to arriving home. This option is ideal for homeowners looking to save energy by not leaving the AC running when nobody is home. The following link,, includes some useful tips about checking AC thermostats.

Spring residents trying to maximize their savings are recommended to invest in a smart thermostat that reports energy use. You’ll receive results on a daily basis and get daily schedules for cooling your house/apartment. During the inspection, make sure the thermostat is turned on and set to cool or A/C position.

Clean or replace the filters

Another indispensable maintenance tip for homeowners in Spring, Texas, is cleaning or replacing their air filters. When was the last time you had your filter replaced? If you don’t remember, you should pay more attention to maintenance. Filters should be cleaned on a monthly basis in the course of high-use seasons, like summer and winter. During spring and autumn, they should be cleaned once.

Moreover, the location of air filters varies across units. In most cases, these filters are located nearby the thermostat in a return duct or next to the air handler of the system. When filters become clogged with dust, allergens, and other particles, airflow is decreased. Homeowners are encouraged to invest in high-quality filters instead of purchasing ones made of fiberglass.

Fiberglass filters aren’t proficient in capturing small particles like bacteria, viruses, and pollen. These are supposed to be replaced every thirty days. Instead, you should invest in pleated filters with MERV rating, which capture all sorts of airborne pollutants. The higher the rating, the greater the efficiency in capturing airborne pollutants. These filters are mainly reusable, meaning you should clean them to keep using them.

Clean the outdoor unit

The following tip to practice when taking care of your AC is to clean the outdoor unit. There is a myriad of air conditioning repair Spring, TX experts offering professional maintenance services. As time goes by, grass, leaves, and dirt accumulate outside the unit, gradually reducing the system’s capacity and airflow.

Firstly, you should turn off the power coming to the unit at the service disconnect setting on the outdoor unit or at the circuit breaker panel at home. You should use a garden hose to wash the debris out by starting at the top of the unit and working your way day. Power washers aren’t recommended, as the machine can easily sustain damage.

Power washing has the power to bend or damage the fins on the coil, which are surprisingly delicate. Cooling fins made of aluminum have to be straight in order for the unit to cool properly. While you are cleaning the outdoor device, don’t forget to trim any plants or shrubs you see around it, which further assists in improving airflow.

Ideally, outdoor units should be installed with no flower beds or bushes in their surroundings. Nevertheless, if this isn’t feasible, make sure they are trimmed regularly.

The bottom line

These tasks aren’t too complicated or time-consuming, but they can save you from paying high repair costs.

Maintenance is what every system needs!

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