Best Tips To Create The Successful Architecture Resume

December 15, 2021



There is always competition in the field of architecture, engineering, and design, which makes it essential to learn how to stand out from the rest. If you want to create a successful architecture resume, you must not only list your skills and education, but also focus on what you would like to achieve as a professional. It means that your objectives should not be ignored as you explore the companies that sound interesting and see their values. Starting with design and vision to soft skills like speaking a foreign language, you must fit within the company and become an important element in the business equation.

  • List Your Education With Examples.

Do not just list your education “as is” with university or courses data but provide various examples that include the way how you have applied it in practice or how it has helped you in your professional experience. You can list the projects with brief information, as it will help pick you from the list of other candidates that have certain diplomas. The purpose is to learn how to stand out while keeping things real without sounding overly perfect!

  • Share Your Additional Skills.

Talk about additional skills that you have like AutoCad, Excel, Photoshop, or any other related software experience. Mention the languages that you know, driving experience, drawing, and design skills among other things. Remember to use only those skills that are applicable to the field of architecture. It will help to narrow things down as you keep things to the point! If there’s still space in your resume, talk about leadership qualities (with examples) and time management aspects that will be essential for the architectural resume. Do not just list all the nice words but add some examples or mention certain projects as well!

  • Provide Short Recommendations.

While you may have to attach recommendation letters per necessity, you should also mention short information about companies or people who may recommend you. It can be done in a specific way by explaining how you have been helpful in 3D design or working with concrete structures. If you are still a student applying for a job, you may consider mentioning your professor or research project that you work on. While we are at it, consider dissertation writing services as you need proofreading or structure issues, among other things. Just take your time and think about the ways to make your resume unique! It will help the company in question see your practical applicability.

  • Check Your Contacts Information Twice.

See various resume templates online to learn from examples, especially when you are listing your contacts. Make sure to check the phone numbers, the spelling of your email address or Facebook page. If you have a LinkedIn profile, it is good to list it as well, as it will provide additional information regarding your network base. At the same time, present your resume both in print and online. Keep your information always updated and checked to ensure that there are no grammar or spelling mistakes.

  • Structure Your Professional Experience Well.

Take your time to structure and design your architectural resume. Of course, it does not mean that you must use all these fancy fonts that belong to the worst resume mistakes. Just keep things clear with a correct hierarchy where all the dates belong to correct entries. Start with a brief introduction, list your academic credentials, describe unique information that makes you stand out, and list your expectations before turning to the soft skills or any additional information. Highlight and italicize certain parts only when it is absolutely necessary to keep the readability high!

Your Cover Letter Must Come Along

Do not forget to add a cover letter to your architecture resume because even the best listing of your academic skills will not be enough if you do not provide at least two personal paragraphs. Since the professional cover letter does not go beyond one page, you must use an explanatory tone and let the HR manager or company’s representative see that you are the fitting candidate. Know what you can do well, and do not write things that you may not be able to achieve. Keep your mind open and proofread your cover letter aloud!


As a business consultant and educator, Barbara loves exploring the ways to achieve success with the help of creativity and analysis. Her posts offer interesting tips and ideas worth trying. Follow Barbara to learn and get inspired.

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