Handling Ant Infestation Issues – What Can You Do?

December 6, 2021


An ant infestation can be a stressful problem to deal with. Not only are they pesky and challenging to get rid of, but they can also pose a serious health risk.

Here are some tips for ant control Perth:

1. Identification is key: The first step in controlling an ant infestation is identifying the type of ants you are dealing with. It is also essential to determine the type of food they are seeking. The key differences between ants are what they eat and where they live. Three main types of household ants feed on different types of food, all within the same general ant family.

  • Thief Ants: Usually about 2mm in size with a light brown colour. They are also known as "Ghost Ants" because they never leave a scent trail when foraging. The primary food source of the Thief ant is other insects such as aphids and mealybugs.

- Pharaoh Ants: Usually about 1mm in size with a yellowish colour. These ants form large, well-organized colonies in homes. Their food sources are sweets, greasy foods, and meat.

  • Big Headed Ants: Usually about 3mm in size with a black head and brown body. They are known for their large nests that resemble "caterpillar mountains." The primary food source of the Big Headed ant is insects in the soil, but they also will collect other things such as dead insects, seeds, and fruits.

2. Determine the best time to implement ant control methods: It is essential to understand when ants are most active so that infestation treatment can be timed. Ants typically only come out at night or in humid weather conditions. The following are peak activity times for the three types of household ants:

  • Thief Ants: Night time
  • Pharaoh Ants: Daytime and night time

  • Big Headed Ants: Primarily daytime, but some will forage at night


3. Choose the right control method: There are a variety of ways that can be used to control an ant infestation. The most crucial factor to consider is the food source of the ants.

  • If the ants are foraging for sweets, then bait traps can be used. Baits can be in the form of a liquid, gel, or solid. The bait will be laced with a chemical that attracts the ants, and once they eat it, they will die.
  • If the ants are foraging for other types of food such as insects or meat, then insecticides can be used. Insecticides come in a liquid, aerosol, or powder and must be applied directly to the ants.

  • 4. Use caution when using insecticides: Some insecticides are more harmful than others. Therefore, it is essential to check the label of each product before buying or using it. The most dangerous insecticides are typically used by professionals, such as Dursban and Raid Max Bug Barrier.

    5. Keep your home clean: The first step in ant control is to remove their food source, which means that you have to keep your home clean. This includes cleaning under furniture and behind appliances, where ants love to hide.

    6. Use a pest repellent spray around the outside of your home: You can also purchase ant pate or place powder around foundation cracks to help deter ants from entering homes.

    Here are some tips to get rid of ants from your home.

    1. Remove food sources: Ants are attracted to food, so removing any food sources will help discourage them from nesting in your home. Ensure to clean up any crumbs or spills, and keep your kitchen and pantry clean and organized.

    2. Block their entry points: Ants get into your home through tiny cracks and openings, so seal up any potential entry points with caulk or other sealants.

    3. Use ant traps: There are a variety of ant traps available, including baited traps and liquid traps. Place the traps near where you've seen ants.

    4. Use ant powder or granules: You may want to try using an insecticide containing boric acid if you see a large number of ants indoors. Boric acid is effective, but it works very slowly and should be applied in areas where children and pets can't access it.

    5. Spray them with soapy water: If you see a few ants here and there, you can try killing them with a spray of soapy water. Dissolve a teaspoon of dish soap in a quart of warm water, and spray the solution directly on the ants.

    By following these tips, you can help control an ant infestation in your home. For more information, please consult a pest control professional.



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