How Do I Find a Leaking Pipe in My Home?

December 8, 2021

The plumbing in your home is supposed to be in good standing. However, you may encounter problematic issues with your pipes, water lines, and plumbing systems. Pipes are usually well protected, but they can become vulnerable over time. Sometimes, you may run into a leaking pipe in your house. In that case, you should hire highly trained and skilled technicians from Flow Technologies for best pipe repairing service.

Pipes can start to leak due to various reasons. Should this happen to you, there are a few steps that you can take to investigate the source of the leak. Some actions can be simple, while others require more effort or the help of a professional plumber. Here is how you can locate and fix the source of your leaking pipes:

1. Look for Signs

A leaking pipe just doesn’t occur out of anywhere. There will be many signs that pop up over time, all of which can indicate an issue with your overall plumbing. Generally speaking, a leaking pipe can either be an isolated incident or part of a larger problem at hand.

Whatever the case may be, it is vital to look for the signs that could lead to you locating the source. For example, look for stains on the floor, ceiling, or even walls. More specifically, you should also check wet spots under your ceiling. These particular areas could lead to you properly discovering a leak!

2. Hidden Signs

While some signs of a leaking pipe may be more apparent, others are much more subtle. If you do happen to have a link, you should take the time to look into these hidden indicators. Some leaking pipes may lead to you noticing a musty odour, emanating from a particular area. Others could affect your utility bill in general.

That is because the leaking pipe continues to expend water, which counts towards your bill unfortunately. These subtle signs of a leaking pipe could be much more dangerous than the superficial ones. If you do not find them and take the proper action, you leave your home open to more issues.

3. Running a Test

To confirm that you do have a pipe that is leaking, you could run some preliminary tests. Before you call a professional, pay attention to your water. One of the best tests to use involves making sure no one is using any water for a duration of thirty minutes. The water itself does not have to be completely shut off. Just make sure it is not in use.

After you have confirmed that no one is using the water, check your water meter. In the leak indicator, you should be able to identify even the most minuscule amount of moving water. If you notice this part filled with water, even a small amount, there is a leaking pipe present.

4. Wall Pipes

For the most part, leaking pipes can be found in your walls, specifically within your drywall. Before you begin to fix it, you’ll have to have a proper way of accessing them. Grab a utility knife and make the appropriate incision into the drywall. The cut should be about ten inches for adequate fixing to occur.

If you cannot see the pipe in question, you will have to make a larger cut into the drywall. Even if the pipe is not in your view, it is possible to see even more signs of leakage. Stick your head into the wall and look for any and all signs of the leaking pipe. You should be able to diagnose the issue and find a solution.

5. Repair The Pipe

There are many ways you can fix your leaking pipe. Some of the best methods can be done in as little time as possible. For instance, plumber's tape is one of the best methods to implement. Find the source of the leak in the pipe and wrap enough tape around the pipe to stop the leakage.

Or you can also use your general tools, such as a wrench to tighten the pipe if there isn’t too much damage. Some of these techniques are easy enough to implement, should the damage prove to be fixable. If not, you will have to leave the work to a professional plumber for optimal servicing.

Many methods that can be used to fix a leaking pipe are easy to do yourself. For the quickest solution, call a plumber. These professionals will be able to diagnose the issue at hand, while also putting in the right fix. With enough luck, and patience, the leaking pipe will cause no more issues for your home.



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