How to choose carpet for your living room

December 11, 2021


When we plan to design the interior project of our living room, our primary focus is only on furniture, various decorative items, or wall paintings. However, we forget to make sure that the floor appearance should be appropriate. After all, it is the prime component of a living room that deserves proper care and attention in both a realistic and aesthetic sense.

To make this work, you can introduce accessories that can enhance the curb appeal of your living room i.e rugs and carpets. They are a great way to add definition, color, warmth, and texture to your living space. These are the perfect design elements for your living space as this is the focal point for most of your day-to-day activities. That makes choosing the ideal living room carpet huge important. So make a bold style statement and declaration of practicality with smart, refined living room rugs and carpets.

As your living space is serving your most purposes, it is worth giving a thought to what type of carpet you need. Below is a helpful guide on how to choose the perfect carpet for your living space.

  1. Consider the material of the carpet: Carpets are built up from three materials, so choose according to your usage.
  • Wool carpets: Wool carpets are very magnificent and will enhance the beauty of your living space. They are truly durable and are very soft for walking. Also wool is a good conductor of heat so it will maintain the warm temperature in your living room.
  • Wool mix: Wool mix carpets are classic and purely practical. They are 80% made up of wool and 20% of man-made fiber. You can easily clean them. They are highly desirable and withstand wear and tear.
  • Man-made fibers: They are very solid, attractive, and best for living rooms where there is a heavy footfall. If you have small children or you have pets in your house then it is perfect for your living room. If you want a high-performance carpet, a man-made fiber carpet is an ideal choice.

2. Enhance the available space of your living room: We suggest you go with dark color carpets if you have a spacious living room as they will make your living room feel cozy. While neutral color carpets work best for modest size living rooms. The color of the carpet will ideally complement your existing decor in your living room. Always remember the carpet color can also set your mood. Warmer colors will make you feel energetic while cooler tones will provide a calming effect.

Pro tip: When buying rug online, ensure the quality of installation, thresholds, poorly seaming, a thin pad, bad stretching will demolish the overall look of your carpet.

3. Choosing the size of the carpet: A carpet size should not be too small so that it will create a disconnected look in your living room. Neither should it be very large so that it overwhelms your space. Ideally, the size of the carpet should be appropriate so that it defines the area where it is used. For larger rooms, you can use two or more carpets to define and segregate different areas.

A good tip: Do not be so rigid with the size of the carpet. Keep your carpet about 25 to 45 cm away from the free, visible walls. Ensure that the distance from the backside of your furniture to the edge of the carpet is about 10-5cm.

4. The shape of the carpet: Round shaped carpet brings a playful feel to your living space. They are best used with curved furniture decor like round tables, buy bedding sets etc. While rectangular and square carpet gives a formal feel. They can be used with similarly shaped furniture pieces and can go occasionally with round tables as well, the table should be small enough to be placed over the carpet.

5. Carpet maintenance and cleaning: You must vacuum your carpet regularly to avoid any settling of dust particles and keep them fresh and cleaned. Once in a calendar month, you can air your carpet out in the sun on your home’s terrace. If there is any spill try to remove it instantly to prevent permanent stains. In case you have a liquid stain on it try to use a stain remover which will not discolor the material of your carpet. Also if there are any loose threads on your carpet, do not pull them up instead clip them with scissors and try to tie them from the loose end.

Tips and tricks to select the best carpet for your living room

As a general principle when selecting the patterns in the carpet, the scaling of the carpet should be proportional to the size of the room. For larger rooms, the pattern must be larger while smaller rooms must have small patterns.

  • You can make a narrow room look wider by choosing a striped carpet.
  • For a contemporary look, you can use a black and white carpet.
  • Every once in a year, you should consider rotating your carpet to all sides so that it fades or gets worn out equally.
  • Avoid placing heavy furniture with clawed feet on your carpet as it will make a dent on that particular part of the carpet which cannot be removed so easily.


Hence feel free to improvise use and combine the above tips. It’s your home. You should decorate it according to your taste.

We hope after reading this guide, now you will be extremely confident and well equipped to choose out your dream carpet.

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To discover how our experts can transform your living room, don’t hesitate to give us a call, our team is available 24/7 hours.

Happy shopping!


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